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How To Thrive As A Bellevue Florist

By Eric Martin

Nature has a way of calming your nerves and making you happy. This is why people retreat to parks or go camping in the wild. A good Bellevue florist not only loves caring and preparing the blooms, but also the happiness reflected by their clients after they collect their arrangements. This is one of the traits that will distinguish an average florist, from an exceptional one.

A love for nature is one of these traits. In order for you to deal with flowers, you need to understand them well. This will mean knowing which blooms are available during which months, which species are poisonous, and which kind need special attention. A good understanding of your trade will make you confident in your skills, and this will attract people to you.

After you prepare the plants, you have to arrange them and pack them for the client. Sometimes, the client will already have what they want in mind, but if the order is open you have to creatively come up with a bouquet, which will reflect what the customer wanted. Sometimes, if you put some varieties together, the result may be overwhelming especially if the clash. Playing around with different arrangements when you are free, will help you hone your skills.

Being a good florist means being able to understand the moods and whims of your client. This will allow you to help a bride choose her wedding bouquet, and still prepare an arrangement for a grieving person. Sometimes, the person buying the flowers may be clueless about what they want. Understanding which flowers are better for which occasions and personalities, will allow you to bond with your customers, and keep them loyal to you.

A large number of people walk into a flower shop, because they suddenly remembered a birthday, or an anniversary. In order to cater for your regular clients as well as the passersby, you need to be properly located. This way getting to your shop will be easy for them. You also need to me up with a good marketing strategy. This can be done simply posting daily photos on social media.

Pricing can be very tricky when you are dealing with these items. Due to the short shelf life of flowers, you cannot set your prices too high because you might end up making huge losses. On the other hand, low prices will also affect your cash flow, and may mean that you will work with lower quality stems.

Some businesses are self-sufficient but this is not one of them. There comes a time in the years when people do not buy many flowers. In order to survive these periods, you need to find other ways to supplement your income. You can try your hand at related ventures, like supplying decorations for events or even running a gift shop.

Before you decide to put in all your savings into opening a flower shop, do some research. Talking to other people in the business will help you network, and will also give you some tips on things like which suppliers to use. If done well, this is a business that can bring in a lot of money, but you should also love what you do, in order to stay open even during the low seasons.

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