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Enjoy Luxury With Fendi Eau De Parfum

By Nancy Brown

If you want to feel like a million dollars, it helps to wear something luxurious by a designer label. It doesn't have to be an entire designer outfit, though. Even just one small item, such as a Fendi eau de parfum, will add a little glamour to your life.

The brand originated in Rome back in 1918, with Adele Casagrand's decision to start her own business selling leather and fur goods. Seven years later she married Edoardo Fendi and changed the name of her shop. Their daughters continued building the family business and in the mid-Sixties, they brought a young fashion genius named Karl Lagerfeld on board. Today the design house is known and loved throughout the world.

The company sells ready-to-wear designer clothing, scarves, shoes, jewelry, watches, sunglasses and other accessories. However, it's most famous for its bags. The Baguette is as iconic a fashion item as blue jeans or the little black Chanel dress and many a woman has spent her entire salary on this classic handbag with the interlocked Fs that make up the company's logo.

In the 1980s, many leading designers launched their own fragrances. Fendi followed suit, launching their first perfume in 1985. The scent, which simply bore the company's name, was created to be ultra-feminine with top notes such as bergamot and rosewood slowly fading into a bouquet of floral scents in the middle. At the base was an earthy, slightly Oriental smell consisting of amber, musk, patchouli, cedarwood and other scents. The perfume was so successful that it paved the way for more fragrances to follow.

While a concentrated perfume is the strongest version of a scent, an eau de parfum is a more affordable option. Also known as an EDP, it contains in the region of fifteen percent of the oils that make up the scent, mixed into alcohol and pure water. This is still a strong formula and is a good investment because you only need to use a little at a time, making the bottle last for a long time.

If you prefer your fragrance to be lighter, you may want to opt for an eau de toilette, or EDT. This is not as concentrated, containing only about 10 percent of the fragrant oils. An EDT's scent doesn't last as long as that of an EDP or a perfume concentrate but it is cheaper.

Whether you should opt for an EDP or an EDT depends on more than your budget. A light, refreshing EDT is perfect for warmer weather. An EDP can be a bit too heavy for everyday wear, so it's best to reserve it for special occasions, for the evening or for the colder months. To avoid overdoing it, spray the scent into the air and walk through the mist it forms. This will engulf you in a subtle scent that won't be overpowering.

In 2006, fashion giant LVMH became the majority shareholder in Fendi. It discontinued all the fragrance lines that the house had released up to then, instead releasing several new ones. However, it's still possible to find a bottle of your favorite scent, including that original classic, by checking online auctions, estate sales or charity and second-hand clothing stores.

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