jeudi 22 septembre 2016

What Christian Music Like 19 Lions Represents

By Donna Moore

Rock and roll music is supposed to be a celebration of individual talent, fun, and excitement. However, there are these Christian bands out there, like 19 Lions and others, who are pushing a religious agenda. Christianity itself is a flawed perspective pushed by a poorly written collection of manuscripts attempting to convince us all that we are a collection of evil-doers.

Early Christianity was designed to unite the Roman Empire under one god, and it continues to do so to this day. How the details would play out was decided at a famous meeting called the Counsel of Nicaea. Within a hundred years, this new Roman Catholic Church was killing Jews and Pagans by the thousands.

The Wiccan and Pagan communities still refer to the Dark Ages as The Burning times. Their Book of the Law was created in order to push secrecy in an age of fear within ancient communities who had been rocked by death and torture from the Catholic church. So great was their fear, in fact, that they fought the intrusion through secrecy rather than outright warfare.

It is through convincing people that they are born flawed, and must be saved by a God who is but is not God, that Christianity began to sink claws into humanity. Once a person feels guilt for existing, then they become relieved at the notion of salvation. Submitting to the authority of a church becomes a necessity when they are told that only the representatives of the church can commune with God on their behalf.

In Christian belief, if you do not beg for salvation and submit to the church, then the soul is bound for Hell. They describe Hell as a lake of fire where the flesh will burn for all eternity, and the early Christian Bishops and monks claimed only they could communicate to God or Jesus on the behalf of the people under their parish. This fear-mongering gave the Church endless power and wealth.

It would seem that the Roman Empire never fell. It simply changed form, and now calls itself the Roman Catholic Church, and it has a history of war, corruption, and mass murder on an epic scale. Rome continues to be a power to be reckoned with in the world, via the Vatican, which is considered a separate country from the rest of the Italian peninsula.

Roman Catholicism is responsible for the crusades which were waged all over the world in the name of the church. These crusaders stole entire libraries of historical human knowledge, art, and wisdom, and it is believed that much of this is stored in the basement of the Vatican to this day. Humans have been denied our heritage, and any real understanding of who we are by the Christian church.

Why would parents want their children listening to music that aggrandizes an institution with the historical weight of millions of murders on their hands. Regular rock and roll music generally speaks of love, sex, and fun. Christianity wants us to think those perspectives are sinful, but somehow groveling for forgiveness for existing is encouraged.

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