lundi 12 septembre 2016

What You Must Have In Your Theatrical Makeup Supplies

By Steven Snyder

When making theatrical productions, it becomes difficult to know which characters will suit most people best. This is because you cannot tell how the people will appear. In same case like if the person is aged, if the person is suffering from severe injuries or even a zombie or a vampire, you will be needed to have the right makeup to cater for these characters. When getting the theatrical makeup supplies, here are things that you need to know.

The foundation is one of the most basic components of the supplies. Because stage maquillage is normally heavier than regular maquillage, it is difficult to keep up with the heavy shades of foundation at first. However, with time and repeated application, the characters learn how to do it right and also how to accommodate it. Look for a goo brand of the foundation because it is the canvas on which the rest of the cosmetics will be applied.

The other thing that most people forget to take into account when they are buying stage cosmetics is the fact that the lighting is always brutal and that a little sweat on the characters face will make their faces shine. Research has shown that audiences do get turned off by sweaty looking characters. To prevent this from happening to your characters, you need to choose cosmetics that minimize the shine.

Another mistake that people make when shopping for and using stage maquillage is that they concentrate on the products that will make them look good from up close. Unlike the regular maquillage which is supposed to enhance the way you look up close, the stage cosmetics are supposed to make the person look good from a distance. Eventually, this means that the maquillage should leave an exaggerated appearance as opposed to a natural blending in.

When you are choosing a certain type of product, you should be very careful about the safety of the ingredients used in the product. Understand that some cosmetics contain components of lead and mercury and they are very toxic. This is the reason why before you purchase any product, you should first confirm that it has been approved by the FDA. And that it is safe for use.

The price of the commodity is another point that you should consider. If the product is made of the best products, it is going to be costly as compared to those that are made of poor quality. Make sure though that you check on the brand so that you can spend money on a brand that is reliable.

Get to understand that you should choose a cosmetic which will suit your effect. The type of maquillage that you choose should reflect the part you are taking in the acting. For example: if your character is as a clown, then the you have should reflect that. On the other hand, the cosmetic which will be used for dead bodies or accident victims will be different from that of a clown.

These are tips that will be useful when getting stage cosmetics and using them. Taking time before making any purchase is recommended as you will get a chance to compare and contrast the available services. This will help you settle with the most appropriate supplies for your needs.

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