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Rock The Party With An Elvis Impersonator

By George Mitchell

Two words ruled the late fifties up to the early seventies. Rock N roll. When it needed a king in the sixties, people in the United States did not have to look long. A boy who grew up, hardened by the south but with a gift of music like no other in his generation up to now, took care of that.

Mississippi did not have much going on back then. The youth lived on music and boy did they devour it when Elvis Presley was introduced on stage. The rest they say was history. It only made sense that you can always find an elvis impersonator san francisco.

It makes sense you know. Pop back in the days never had a star as large as what he had been, and rightfully so. He was, in every sense of the word, an icon. It was unfortunate that he did not live long enough for the world to embrace his talent some more while he stood and watch with the audience as his loyal subjects.

Then again, the ones who had an uncanny ability to look and perform like him today can be trusted to deliver. Of course, it would not be a fraction of what and who he was because there is only one king of Las Vegas. What started as something out of fun and merrymaking for those who did not live to see him and experience his live acts made do with following how he sang and danced.

Four young brits did the same in the sixties and may have had the same effect. They, like Elvis, needed no introduction as they took the world by storm, with the masses of screaming fans at their feet. To act and dress like them had seemed fitting. For the rest of those who were not fortunate enough to see them, the mark they left in the industry was still appreciated largely.

Finding one that would pass as Presley could get challenging since there are so many of them in the industry. Unlike before, this kind of thing is more than just for fun. People love to see performances with the man they had loved but maybe never known in the flesh before and would never get the chance to, come alive.

Today, impersonators are already professionally trained. It took them years of training and studying movements and mannerisms of how the artist sings or dances on stage, maybe even both. You will believe you are truly meeting the man himself when you get the right person for the entertainment.

Booking would not be easy, as what has been already mentioned. Then again, there are so many ways to get them. Do your research and go to the internet. There are listings there, lots of them, for you to check. There may even be photos and sample videos. If they do not have videos, you can ask the company for one.

Then again, looking like the man would not be enough. You should know that the way he performs and moves on stage would also be just as important, if not more. Ask for referrals if you know of someone who had hired these artists before. Today, they are actually already professionally trained, with years of experience and studying of how an artist should look.

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