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How To Choose Newlywed Romantic Gifts To Brides And Grooms

By Christopher Richardson

Weddings are a great way to celebrate the union between to people who decide to love and cherish each other for the rest of their live. Also, they are starting a new life together which can be a tad bit difficult. The gifts that given to them symbolize a communal agreement of friends and family that they want to help their union to be a success.

This article will focus on what the newly weds are meant to receive. Newlywed romantic gifts may not be hard to come by, but thinking of a good one can definitely be the challenge. While there is an endless list of what you can give them on their special day, there is not much said about what you should not.

Cutting to the chase, these people are bound to receive many presents on such a special day. If you give something remotely useless, it may be endangered of being thrown in the bin, after moving from one house to another to start a family. First off, although it does seem quite unlikely, avoid, or never just ever give them pets.

Instead of listing down what would be great gifts, the list would have things that you should avoid giving the couple. The first on this list are pets. While they may be cute and cuddly, or is meant to symbolize something, the thing is that these people would not need something else to spend money on, when they already spent for the event.

Things that have embossed letters, especially monograms should only be acquired by the bride and groom or anyone who helps with organizing the ceremony. Towels, jewelry or anything really that are monogrammed can be disastrous. And they would also have a hard time returning the gift. The worst thing that could happen is that you might get the wrong initials.

Self help books as gifts may be counter productive. No matter how well meaning you are, this may just be seen as a rude gesture. It would be like blatantly telling the couple that they may be inadequate to, one be a couple or two, raise kids. This mishap can blow to epic proportions especially when you are attending one that you did not know was a shotgun wedding.

Furniture and home decor, as practical as they are may not be a good choice either. Sorry to break it to you, but to pick the right piece of furniture a good amount of thinking and consideration needs to be done. The decision making should be done by newly married couple since they are the ones that would know best what they need. But if they state exactly what they want in the registry then why not.

Re gifting is just so much rudeness, that if you do this it just shows that the matter was not given enough thought. That in itself should already go without saying. You may also think that it would be a good idea to book them a special activity on their honeymoon venue or somewhere supposedly fun. These honeymooners are already likely to have something planned out for their days off.

While it is a big issue for those who just got married to ask for cash, that may be exactly what they need. The point of wedding gifts is to help them get started with a life together. If what you give them is not particularly useful then it would just take up space. As a friend and attendee, you may not be able to give them what is stated in their registry so go with a gift card or cash.

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