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With A Focus On Team Building Lake Geneva WI Companies Foster Employee Loyalty

By Martha Long

The days when companies were structured like pyramids are long gone. The modern trend is to put together smaller groups of employees that all have a common goal and that is willing to take responsibility for their output. They are often empowered to make certain decisions themselves and there are often no specific person tasked with leading the group. When this system works well, it works very well, but groups often experience problems. By sending them for team building Lake Geneva WI employers try to strengthen such groups.

Group excursions have become extremely popular and the reasons for such excursions differ wildly. Employers may simply wish to motivate or reward the group, but in many instances they want to improve the way that the group works together. This can be achieved by improving communication, by enhancing the creativity of group members and by teaching them how to manage conflict in the work place.

There are many role players in the team build industry. Event organizers are often hired to coordinate the exercise and to use entertainers, activity managers, venues, caterers, lecturers and other professionals as needed. Such exercises can be very expensive. It has become a large industry. Many venues, for example, have abandoned their traditional target markets and instead started to focus on the corporate market.

When hiring a facilitator great care should be taken. Their are many professionals that deliver excellent results, but there are also many that think that this type of excursion merely involves the arrangement of a venue, catering and some activities to keep the group happy and occupied. Professional facilitators should be able to provide valid references and they must be able to show that they actually achieve results.

In order to obtain maximum value for money employers should make sure that potential facilitators are thoroughly briefed. They need to know what the purpose of the exercise is, what the aims are that must be met and what the budget is. They need to know as much as possible about the participants in order to develop a balanced program that will make provision for the strengths and weaknesses of each participant.

When evaluating different proposals the overriding priority should be whether the exercise is likely to achieve its aim or not. Of course, cost is important but it is of little use to save a little bit but get absolutely no return on the investment made. Facilitators should also present their clients with at least some options regarding the activities planned, the venue that will be used and the order of the day to day program.

Once such an exercise is completed feedback should be obtained from both the facilitator and the participants. Facilitators ordinarily submit a confidential report. Participants should also submit a group report but it is often valuable to ask each individual to complete a confidential questionnaire. In some cases this feedback can help identify further development needs and lead to further interventions.

Modern businesses can only grow if they remain innovative, productive and creative. This require employee groups that are enthusiastic about their work, motivated to achieve excellent results and that work well together. Team build exercises often play a large role in helping to achieve these aims.

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