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The Most Popular Frame Types You Should Know Of

By Eric Foster

Picture mounting allows you to safely and properly store your memories. Photo mounting systems have been around for several decades now. So many types and styles of photo framing systems have been invented which vary in design and style. These are the most popular photo frame types you need to know about.

One most popular type of picture mounting unit to know about is metal framing. Picture mounting created of metals come in a range of styles that range from simple to formal options. Metal-made photo framing systems are the most versatile, fashionable and durable framing options available. When shopping, you can choose to opt for those made of sterling silver, chrome, brass or silver.

Another popular framing option is wood framing. Wood framing units are fabricated from various sorts of woods. Wood framing come in a whole variety of options among which are stained framing painted framing and engraved framing. When you choose to go for wood photo framing, you are thus sure to have a whole range of beautiful framing options that best meets your elegance preferences.

Acrylic and plastic framing units are likewise counted among the top best framing systems available. Considering the lightweight nature of plastic and acrylic, framing made of these two materials are very light. They are popularly considered the right choice when the support material where you want to hung yours is not able to support significant weight.

Digital photo mounting are likewise popular options available today. Digital mounting comes colored and styled with different digital images which make them capable of supporting and beautifying your photos. There are a whole lot of digital mounting options which do not only differ in style but also in size and quality.

Shadowbox photo mounting is another trending kind of photograph framing. A shadowbox is basically a deep box that comes covered with glass cover and is large enough to accommodate more than one photo. There are a whole lot of shadowbox framing styles and designs available for sale today which makes choosing a bit easier. The problem with this kind of framing is that it protrudes outside the walls which make them look unattractive.

When out in the market to purchase photo framing units, you choose to opt for float framing. A float mounting unit is usually designed in a way that there is spacing between the photo edges and the interior opening. This is the kind of photo mounting option to consider if at all you want to showcase the natural lines of your snapshots.

The last best choice of photo framing to consider is clip mounting. Clip photo mounts are offered with two main glass sheets which where you place your photos. The best thing with clip photo mounting is that they are designed stylishly and provide your photographs with the best decor and support. Unfortunately, these photo mounts are normally very delicate which means that you must carefully take good care of them so that they do not end up falling and breaking.

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