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Animated Movies That Been An Important Part Of The Movie Industry- Cartoons

By Armando Rodriguez

There are several animated movies released over the years. As the technological progresses have occurred, which has made creating animations much easier there are more animated movies released nowadays.

Despicable me, it can be considered as an action movie, however it did displayed how love for children could bring out the good out of an evil person. Gru, who is a super villain, is planning to carry out one of the biggest theft ever done in the history.

We are all aware of Walt Disney and the revolution he bring in the entertainment world. He is recognizably the individual most responsible for the animated movies being a success also on the big screen. Some of the characters that he created in the 1920s were Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, which we have been seeing all our life.

Buzz and Woody are now best of friends, in Toy Story 2, Woody has be toy napped (kidnapped) by a toy collector and has gone missing. Buzz and his other friends set out looking for him and rescue him from the toy collector, however Woody is tempted of being in a museum and get immortal. The movie definitely had better animation then before and it also had another sequel released as Toy Story 3 which was also a blockbuster.

Disney studios has been known to be the biggest animated movie production company ever known, however there are several other movie production company that have also made an existence overtime. There are a lot of companies that have joined the most blooming movie industry for children's animated movies. The movie productions try to take animation to different level in every movie they work with. Technology has played a major role in this; however the cartoons that were only drawn images in the past, nowadays the animations are far more beautiful and more astonishing.

Finding Nemo, Nemo is a clown fish who gets abducted by divers and is taken to Sydney. Going after his son, a meek clown fish is out looking for his only son. While looking for his son he gets to meet Dory another fish who has amnesia, both them go through several obstacles looking for Nemo all the way to Australia, to bring him back home. They make lot of buzz around the ocean and make a lot of friends in their journey.

Ratatouille, the movie is based on a saying that "anybody can cook". Remy a rat is a big cook lover and he likes to cook. Reasonably he aspires to become the best chef in France. Well, the only thing he doesn't realise is that people won't enjoy the meal which is cooked by a rat.

There are several animated pictures to look for, some of them have moved on creating their sequels as they created a lot of buzz. Children are known to be more attracted towards the animated movies, however even adults love to watch animated movies on big screens.

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