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Guidelines When Writing An Ekphrastic Poetry

By Betty Sanders

Writing a poem is not a simple task as it requires one to have the right skills as well as experience. Most of the aspiring writers have also passed through different challenges that are mainly associated with poem writing. However, the secret lies in not giving up. As a poem writer, you need to face each new challenge with confidence. This will help you become one of the best poem writers of all times. Here is an overview of ekphrastic poetry.

For one to become a good ekphrastic poem writer, there are different things that one has to consider; this is because writing a good poem entails a lot of things. You have to ensure you carry out a nice research on what you intend to write about. This will aid you have a clear understanding of some of the facts that you should put down. Performing a good research will also help you in choosing a good topic for the poem.

For any individual to become a respected poem writer you need to choose a title that can move your audience. The title has an important role as it will act as your influence and also inspiration. This should also be your theme when writing a poem. Ensure you pay attention to your title when writing a poem. This will assist one in formulating creative ideas.

You have to ensure you give more attention to the most important parts of your poem including movement, touch, sound, sight as well as color. It is not a must that you have knowledge of your subject. This is because you can use your feelings, memories together with sensations to write the poem. Doing this will enable you to catch the attention of various readers.

Create a special format that you will use in writing your poem. You have to determine a variety of approaches to use. Furthermore, speak about the different feelings drawn by the poem as well as the idea behind the entire poem. You need to talk about how this poem came to be. This is paramount since it enables the reader to have a better understanding of the reasons that drives the art.

You need to ensure you put the poetry into writing and then go through your work. This is important because it will enable you to get rid of all mistakes that may be in the poem. The art of poetry is not just merely writing; it requires top-notch creativity. It is, therefore, important to ensure you formulate amazing ideas to catch the attention of the readers.

Seeking the assistance of other professionals will help you gain more experience especially in areas that may seem to disturb you more when putting together a poem. Therefore, ensure that you seek some guidance from reputable writers who have many years of experience in the writing field.

Writing is not an easy undertaking, but with a little bit of patient, your work can be rewarding. Hence practice patience and also be open to various ideas as well as suggestions from other people. This can assist you in gaining the right experience and words will finally start to flow.

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