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Why You Should Choose A Faux Fur Rug Over The Real Thing

By Matthew Morgan

Everyone would want to remodel or beautify their homes sooner or later. But it goes without saying that this will have its concomitant cost and this may hamper any plans you may have. However, there are good alternatives to real things, such as a faux fur rug, that you can use achieve your beautification goals. This article has some good reasons why you should use this item for your next remodeling project.

Prior to using any material or purchasing one for that matter, it pays to know more about it first. Try to get the qualities of whatever it is you are buying so that you can make a more informed decision that will give you peace of mind. Look at the relative advantages and disadvantages of the item at hand.

Should you start looking for this kind of rug, search for one that is created out of fine acrylic fibers. Give it a stroke test to see if fibers fall out and remember that higher quality rugs do not release a lot of hairs when stroked. Read the product label to see what it is made out of to ensure that there are no materials that can cause you allergies. Be warned also that sometimes many of these rugs may contain real dog or cat fur.

Quite a diverse selection is available with false rugs covering several designs. These designs can be in the form of mink, chinchilla, tiger, leopard, bear, fox and zebra. Make sure that the design you choose must either complement or contrast your room to make a good impact. Also, remember that these are for use on the floor and not to be hung on walls.

Buying this kind of rug frees your conscience from the burden of killing a real animal to produce it. Easier to maintain because they are washable as compared to the real thing, they tend to be less smelly in the long run. In terms of durability, they are generally more wear resistant and thus will tend to last longer than the real thing. Many currently are also made with moth resistant and hypoallergenic properties.

When looking for specific sizes and shapes, the faux rug is better able to meet this need. They can come in a variety of weird shapes and sizes to fit the taste of any interior decorator and thus it can be described as a godsend for most. This sort of flexibility is one that cannot be found in the real thing.

In terms of price it is definitely cheaper than real fur products and is affordable for everyone. It can be ordered easily online and there is no need for wildlife clearances when shipping. These factors only lead to making it a more popular product in the long run

A seen disadvantage to this product is that it is purely aesthetic, as it will not provide warmth in the cold. It will become brittle and crack when the temperature is extremely cold and it is also not biodegradable. So it is definitely only used for looks only.

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