jeudi 22 décembre 2016

Feel The Need For A Higher IQ? Reasons To Buy Expensive Chess Sets

By Elizabeth Carter

Few gaming sports are known for the smart geniuses and on top of the pile, are chess. This is the most recommended sport for enhancement of brain capability. There are no biases in the game as it can be played both the young, adults and even the aged. This is not the type of game to engage in if you intend to build your abs or arm muscles; it is a game for those who need to enhance their thinking ability. Invest in expensive chess sets and enjoy the listed benefits.

Playing this game requires that your brain thinks outside the box. That is why it has been a game played by very smart people. However that does not mean that you need to be smart to play the game, you may be and average person but with exercise, you can crack the game. This means the game helps improve your intelligence. Every step in the game is carefully thought through and planned for. This kind of exercises teases the brain prompting it to reason quicker and better. Students playing this game have been noted t improve their performance from time to time.

The game is a good way of preventing Alzheimer. It prevents the disorder by always jogging your brain so that it remains active. This is a very involving game, very challenging and requires wide thinking. This means that as you play, setting every move; you brain kept busy. It is a difficult game that requires the brain to remain active. The brain remains jogged and not idle, therefore not able to forget information.

Chess playing engages the whole brain. Looking at other sports and activities, you will note that they utilize only part of the brain and not the entire brain. This game has different aspects such as the positions, geometrical shapes that need to be considered when playing both novice and expert level. This is why the whole brain is needed to facilitate that.

It increases your creativity. You need to be a smart person to win the game and make the correct moves. The people playing this game alongside are smart and will thus demand one to be smart to make the smart moves. Over the years, it makes you creative in your activities.

The power of your memory is improved. This game requires that you have strategies and plans for every move and every pawn. This way your brain can handle this challenging game. With this ability, you can be able to work through real life challenging issues by calculating every move. Students can also use this ability to better their academics.

The game enables one to have the problem-solving ability. This game is technical and complex, and therefore any thoughts and strategies used in playing it are meant to overcome the difficulty. You also need to have a counter measure in case your opponent steps in your way. A player must overcome the challenges and obstacles of that game to win. The ability to rise above all challenges and technicalities can be applied in real life, and hence you become a good problem solver.

During adolescence, the part of the brain known as the prefrontal cortex usually is the last to develop yet it is the part concerned with judgment, self-control, and planning. This game helps solve that issue. It improves your brain ability, and therefore you gain the ability to plan ahead.

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