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How To Maintain And Clean Your Faux Sheepskin Rug

By Joyce Howard

The use of fake sheepskin has become popular. Most homes have this product in their house. The best part about the rug is that it can be used as a runner, on chairs and also beds. The fluffiness makes it hardly possible to resist. However, in as much as Faux Sheepskin Rug is ideal, it is hard to clean. If it is not well maintained, it starts to tuft and get dingy.

The only thing you can do to have a mat that will serve you for long without it getting ugly is to ensure that you clean it. This rug should be well maintained and often cleaned with the right cleaning materials. If you do not know of the best materials to use to clean the mat, then you will end up destroying the beautiful mat.

Depending on the place on which you place the mat, there are different procedures in which you can use to clean it. The first thing to do is to take off the mat and shake it. If you use the mat on the floor, you will have better do the shaking outside. This will help keep all your furniture from getting dirty. If you find out that the mat has many particles, you should consider beating it to help remove the articles easily.

When you are through with the beating, and all the particles are off, you should now plan on how to wash the mat. Avoid washing the mat in hot water and use hard detergents on it. Faux material is sensitive and can react with those chemicals, and so you should use cold water.

To those people who use the machine to wash their clothes, you can also use it to clean your mat. Read the instructions on the material to ensure that you do the right thing. Before you place the rug in the washer, you should turn it inside out to prevent the tear and wear. Activate the washer after you have gently placed the rug in it and put on the right washing settings.

If you have set on the correct settings on the machine, the mat will be clean in no time, and you should place it on a drying rack for it to dry. The material used for making this rug is thick and so it can take long for it to dry. This is why you should not be in a hurry after you have put it to dry. You will notice that the rug turns to look like spires of matted wool after washing, but it will get to its normal condition when it is dry.

After a week, confirm if the runner is dry, if not, then you will need to give it some time. Once it is completely dry, you need to start brushing the item. This should be done using short strokes. It is best that you get a wire brush for this procedure. A dog brush is the one that can be able to break up the mats and restore the fluffiness. Be ready to get minimal shedding.

With all that done, you will be able to get the results which are pleasing. Many consider this as tiresome, but the results are worth the time.

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