samedi 14 janvier 2017

Six Exceptional Clothing Hacks You Have To Know

By Catherine Cox

Going through your wardrobe for the perfect and spectacular outfit for this amazing date night or a day with your girlfriend could be exciting and frustrating at the same time. Well, that should no longer bother you as long as you know what works perfectly well for your body. As a woman it really helps to know what kind of clothes to put on together.

With all the traditional norm or closet cleaning you need to get rid of old garments that either no longer fit or out of date already. You must be ready to welcome some changes when it comes to Portland clothing Oregon style if you want to look good and smartly well dressed. Here are some important tips that might be helpful for you.

Shop with a Plan. The great thing about shopping is you can enjoy it no matter how exhausting the task could be. You should ensure to start with a plan to make sure you are not wasting time and money on a senseless spree. Organizing your lists will be a lot easier on your part especially if you know what to buy already.

Know Your Body. The next step you should know is to know your exact measurements and body size because that would easily help you make the right choices. This would also be a great way to prevent any mishaps and malfunction when you are wearing the clothes. You definitely need to learn the significant lessons in dressing codes.

Mix and Match. Another helpful tip you need to remember is just to play dress up in front of your mirror. If you want some reliable opinion bring a trusted friend with you so that she can provide some honest commentaries. All you have to do is mix in the items that might look good when put on together. This should just be all fun and exciting.

Invest in Denim. We all love a good pair of denim jeans or jacket but you must carefully choose brand and quality. A trademark to an authentic material is by its durability and longevity which is something you must pay attention to. Stop making the wrong decisions just because you feel in love with a piece of garment for the first time. That is not how this works anymore.

Dress Comfortably. The next step you also need to pay attention to is the level of comfort and confidence you have in wearing your outfit. It is all too common to fall in love with a beautiful dress or even pumps but once you put it on, it is just all kinds of wrong for you. Do not let your emotions get in the way no matter how difficult it might be.

Treat Yourself Like a Queen. The last thing you need is some petty comment thrown your way for the choices you are making. Hey, if it fits and looks nice on you then carry on confidently. This is the perfect time to feel good about yourself and no one should tell you otherwise.

This is your day or night, depending on the occasion, so dress smartly. At the end of it all, what matters most is you are true to your personality and character. That is how you become more good looking.

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