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One Of The Things About Man Cave Decor Is They Are All Different

By Sarah Thompson

One of the things about a room that is devoted to a man is that it has what that guy wants. One of the reasons it is called what it is called is because it has to do with a man, not his wife, his children or the neighbor. It is there he may have everything he needs and everything right at his side. That is why the man cave decor is so specific in every case.

It totally depends on the mans interests, his hobbies and what he thinks about himself. He may be interested in sports. He may not be interested in sports. It may key in on his hobby, whether big or small. Looking at some of the things he may have will help everyone understand what this room means to him.

The reason he has created this room might be to enjoy sports by himself or with close friends. In this particular case, the decorations will revolve around a large television. It might be a flat screen or not, but it will have the larger than normal speakers so he can be right in the middle of it.

Woodworking might his hobby or even his second income source. This will mean he needs a large table with clamps attached. There will be a tool bench and pegboard to hold tools and other items needed. He will probably need a few more electrical outlets as well. Plenty of scrap lumber will have a place in this area. A special vacuum cleaning system may be installed to prevent dust from getting all over everything or out into the other areas of the house.

If he reads during this important alone time, he will need shelving and magazine racks, along with an easy chair. He will have to have sufficient lighting, set in just the right position. He might have a shelf just for his electronic reader that has a lot of his reading material, especially if he has a bent for electronics to match his tastes in gaming.

The room will be furnished with carpets, area rugs and, possibly, a wet bar. There will also be posters that help him understand things. Maybe a sporting poster with a few of his favorite teams. Some placards will show him various woodworking joints or some that advertise various shows or events he wishes to attend later. There will almost certainly be tables that will hold his drink and, possibly, an ashtray.

If he is into coin collecting, he will need a nice table and good chair. Lighting will have to be positioned so he can inspect the coins in the right light. Magnifying glasses will have to be stored in a drawer along with coin holders and alcohol wipes. Shelving will help him display some of his nicest pieces and a safe may be needed for some of the most valuable items in is inventory.

This room is special to that guy. It does not have to measure up for anyone else. It has the things in it that makes sense to him and he is the sole occupant at any one point in time. The man cave is a special thing that only makes sense when you realize it has this purpose and no other. It might really be a separate structure such as a shed out back.

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