lundi 2 janvier 2017

Watching Anime Online

By Alex D White

Beyblade- This anime did made a huge uproar all around the world, spinning tops otherwise known as Beyblades were used to fight battles with other kids. The story revolves around Tyson the leader of the Bladebreakers. Tyson is a huge beyblading enthusiast that loves beyblading. He later founds Kenny aka chief and forms a team and then more players join in as they progress, Max, Rai and Kai join to form the Bladebreakers who take part in the league to defeat other teams in the tournament.

Anime can be considered as an art form, or a media of entertainment, just as we have movies for all kinds of generation, there are anime available for all kinds of generation, where it is the young, teens or adult generation. Some of the best anime series that were also translated into their English versions have been brought down for you.

Dragon Ball- The story is about Son Goku and his friends, which stand up and fight against all the evil that comes on earth. It is Goku that stands as a shield between trouble and all his friends and family members. Goku is a Saiyan, from the planet Vegeta who was sent to earth while he was small.

They have to fight to the strongest team in Japan and defeat them in order to save their Football club, this when more players show up, Shuuya Gouenji being one of them, becomes the ace striker of Raimon eleven. It further had three series created, in the second they had to fight with the teams from the Aliea academy and defeat them. In the third series they take part in the FFI or the Football Frontier International, gathering members from all around Japan they prepare to get to the top of the world.

One Piece- We all have been a pirate king in our own imaginary world or in dreams, with an eye piece in one eye and a hat. One Piece is a pirate based story, it has one big treasure that all the Pirates are looking for it is the "One Piece". The most important character in the anime is the Monkey D.Luffy; he is the one looking for the biggest treasure in the world, inspired by his idol Shanks.

On the way, to finding the treasure Luffy somehow manages to form a crew of his own. The Crew consists of a fierce swordsman named Zoro Roronoa, later joined by Nami, a girl, thief and navigator and Usopp, a liar and a sniper. They are out in search of One Piece, each of them having a different ability.

Luffy did have a Devil fruit when he was a young kid and now his body has become as flexible as rubber. One the way he meets other pirates and indulges a fight with them, who also have the powers from the Devil fruits. This anime has had several series over the years and has made a lot of fans all around the world.

Now Naruto has to bear the burden of becoming a Jhinchuriki since birth and due to which the people of the hidden leaf village disregard him. However, he wants the people to acknowledge him and therefore he wishes one day to become the Hokage of the village hidden in the leaves.

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