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Benefits Of Consuming Alligator Jerky

By Daniel Kelly

Alligator meat is considered healthy. It is lean and mostly contains unsaturated fats. It has high percentage of essential minerals and vitamins. Alligator Jerky has more calories compared to traditional choices like chicken or beef. Despite this, many still consider as a healthy alternative. Most of these calories are from proteins instead of fats.

Of all the parts, many people like to order for tail meat. The next best alternative is either body or feet meat. The meal preparation also affects its quality. It is the best alternative for individuals who live healthily. People who only base nutritional qualities on calorie count may shun this option. Experts however recommend that individuals make comprehensive analysis. This means that they should not just base their choices on calorie content.

It is usually lean. This means that it has fewer harmful effects of cholesterol. Other meat has large amounts of cholesterol. This component usually clogs the arteries. The heart function is severely affected. People should take meals that have low contents of fat because they are healthier. More people should buy this kind of meat.

Experts also state that people should judge qualities of meals depending on vitamin and mineral composition. Alligator meat contains rich supply of vitamin B, potassium and iron. It has rich protein stores. The meal also contains enough diet fiber. The meal does not contain omega fats. People may be misled because most manufacturers will market the product in the category of sea food. It does not have exactly the same composition as fish.

Its nutritional composition largely depends on the body part where it was derived. Most experts think that tail has the best meat. Its contents are mainly packed muscles. These animals use their tails to move in water. That is why meat from these regions contains little fat. Cuts derived from torso are fatty. Meet gotten from the feet is dense in fiber. They are tough and quite difficult to digest. Most of its body parts have similar nutritional composition.

Lifestyle of the reptile also determines food quality. Wild alligators have enough stores of proteins because they mainly feed on sea animals and shell fish. This means that it mainly consumes proteins. This makes them to have enough protein stores. Reptiles raised in the commercial fields are given processed meals and grains. That meal contains more carbohydrates than proteins.

Animals whose feeds are rich in carbohydrates contain more supply of fats. They do not have enough stores of vitamins and minerals. Consumers should not shun farm reptiles because of this reason. They only have few differences from their wild counterparts. Even the method of preparation matters. Although steak is low in protein, adding a lot of butter increases fats. This increases calorie count. Choose healthier ways of making the meals.

Commercial preparations are normally packed with preservatives. They assist in maintaining, color, taste and shelf life. Preservatives are chemicals which end up affecting entire composition of that meal. This meat contains little sodium. This changes when preservation is by salting. Salt is linked to increase in cholesterol levels.

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