vendredi 31 mars 2017

The Best Funny Mom Blog

By Frances Hill

If you thought motherhood was boring and tough, there are blogs that are out to prove you wrong. Sometimes you read through a funny mom blog and wish you had a kid of your own. These mothers share experiences that are utterly hilarious yet drawn from every day life. The hilarious lens through which these women view life is amazing. Here are some that will tickle you.

Brittany Gibbons is a hilariously freaky writer. Being a mother has added a funny feather to her. She has three children and a husband who is both passive and suspicious. This is one of the most straightforward blogs you will ever read. She never holds back what is in her heart. She shares email communications she has with her husband that are sometimes overly hilarious. Every day for her is a theater of comedy.

Ann Rants seems to enjoy the journey of motherhood contrary to what some people think. She is also aware of her followers and therefore acts as a narrator while you listen. Her live involves staying at home to look after two boys. She is so prolific with comedy that her work has featured in some of the leading blogs. Though her posts are few and stretched over the month, they turn out to be the funniest you will ever encounter.

Kids pack comedy in their actions and words. Smacksy packages this and shares it with her audience in small doses. She will leave you hungry and yearning for more. Her posts are enjoyable and engaging because they include pictures and some of the most mind blowing conversations. Her family will make you long for one of your own that is filled with fun.

Humor sometimes may crowd a really significant situation. However, Raising Colorado by Zakary captures the hilarious sides of bringing up Troy and Joe while at the same time being a part-time bar tender. She squeezes a cupful of fun from some of the most serious issues like diabetes. You will be oscillating from pure sympathy to total laughter.

Can you raise five kids? Beth also thinks that Five Kids is a Lot of Kids, as she has titled her page. Her writing is about experiences that every mother would want to share. She is sarcastically determined to raise these kids so well that they will need counseling and will afford the fees charged. Her parenting journey also includes caring for a kid with special needs.

Not all blogs are hilarious. Some have raised a storm, for instance Scary Mommy which is a straight forward narration of some nasty experiences. New mothers will find it challenging. Free Range Kids is an attempt to raise self reliant children who can do crazy things like using the sub-way at 9 years. Blacktating is a controversial site that seeks to change the mentality about breast feeding.

There are thousands of blogs that share interesting stories about being a mommy. While some are exaggerated, a good number are real stories that make motherhood entertaining. When women are straightforward about motherhood issues, it opens a new chapter where humor can never be avoided.

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