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Errors To Avoid When Doing Screen Printing Denver

By Catherine Schmidt

Precision is not a thing that comes by easily. It takes a lot of practice and patience to be able to do anything and perfect it to details. Screen Printing Denver is not exempted from this rule. No matter how experienced you are in printing, you are bound to some mistakes at some point. The article will enlighten you on the mistakes that you should avoid in such a case.

Screen printing mistakes should not be downplayed as they can cause harm to the brand especially if they are not noticed in time. Messing with a brand can cause serious damage leading to great losses. To avoid such losses, there are some common mistakes made by printers that can be avoided.

One the common ones are like the use of too much ink. It could be that the ink has thinned out or that there is excessive use of the product on the item. Therefore any user should test the ink before use on few samples in order to be sure it is the right quality. When the ink is much, you need to use little pressure when printing.

Too little ink is also another matter of concern. You should try printing on a soft base. If you are printing of seams and collars, try using plate covered in a neoprene fabric. Additionally, it could be that the scene you are using s clogged. If this is the case, rub the underside using a wet towel and then you screen test paint or two to help it clear out.

Make sure the client has seen the samples and approved before you get into the full printing of the final copies. Simple mistakes like misspelling a word can cost you a lot if you have to undo the whole print because of that. Prove read your work and let the client also confirm that everything is as it is supposed to be.Be careful with the art and make sure your colors are right.

Mastering the squeegee angle is another thing that most people do not put into consideration. You must ensure that you try to perfect this by doing several experiments to get your angles straight. There are two types of strokes you can keep in mind that is the push and pull. You must decide on either to use in your copying. Interchanging them will show that you lack consistency and therefore the results produced will be poor.

You also have to think carefully about bad registration. Check to ensure that screen is tight to prevent the plates from moving. Tighten the screw if necessary and make sure it does not loosen up. Another thing you should not forget is to ensure that there is an adequate adhesive force on the plate to prevent movement of the shirt.

If you take care of these possible mistakes and make sure they do not happen, then your work will be quality. Since practice makes perfect, you will have problems only when you are starting, but with time you will realize you have mastered the art. That way you will be sure you can produce something that is perfect.

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