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Reason Why People Prefer Texas Holey Rock For Aquariums

By Debra Bell

When it comes to aquascaping an aquarium of whichever size, people raise a lot of questions. It is an exercise that requires proper knowledge of decorative aspects of the gravel placed inside the tank. Furthermore, when using a Texas Holey Rock for Aquariums, it is critical to know how it affects the pH of water. All these have an impact on the organisms in the tank and the decorative aspect of it.

You may be puzzled as to why most professional aquascapers prefer the utility of limestone from Texas. Well, the reason is that these stones have crevices just like ocean corals. The chemical composition is majorly carbonates and dolomite that accumulate together in the crust of the earth to give it a perforated look. Furthermore, rain water seeping through them sculptures these bedrocks to make them have chambered compartments.

The good qualities of limestone have been known beyond Texas boundaries. People from far and wide have come to see the benefits of using it in an aquarium. Shipping it becomes an imperative solution to those outside Texas. The cost of transporting them across the border depends highly on the location. However, for those living in Austin, shipping them to the desired location does not cost more than thirty dollars per carriage.

For those who are passionate of breeding exotic species in aquariums, limestone comes as a quick solution to their needs. The rock, upon weathering, becomes cluttered with perforations and fissures that make the correct breeding zones for fish. Furthermore, their light weight makes it easy to work with such sort of stone. There are many sizes that you can use with different background to create a placid aquatic environment.

People experience a unique difficulty in blending the right size of the holey rock with volume of tank. Professional tank builders advise that you use about one and a half pounds of it in a volume equivalent to a gallon. Adherence to this advice enables one to stack them well enough to provide the best environment for the fish to thrive. Having extra ones offers additional aquascaping choices.

A Texas honeycomb rock has an appealing white look that if well blended with coral substrates, the resulting to an aesthetic look. Crushed coral reefs are mostly used in salty water. It helps buffer the alkalinity of hard water to maintain its pH not higher that seven. The color of fish should also be factored in. The contrast created between the two pigments should radiate a nice spark of beauty.

However beneficial limestone is, at times, people whine about queer behavior in the aquatic organisms as brought about by these rocks. Therefore, be very cautious on the place you obtain them. Some contain contaminants that cause lethargy among many species of aquatic animals especially the cat and peacock species. Prior to their utility, make sure you wash clean them thoroughly so as to alleviate illnesses and even death of these organisms.

Aquariums beautify the ambience inside an enclosure. For one to enjoy this beauty for long, stack these rocks well to prevent tank breakages. Some aquatic species dig the rock causing the stack to come tumbling down. Eventually the container breaks. To keep such a disaster aloof, stack the formations using glue or silicone.

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