jeudi 8 juin 2017

How Fathers Of Confederation Saved Canada

By Jason Burns

All nations have those founding people whom they can give credit for the peace and freedom they are enjoying today. There were people who worked so hard to make sure their nations reminded independent and was able to make its decisions. Fathers of confederation were the initial beginners of bringing together all the British American colonies into an agreement.

It is because of people like Leonard Tilley that Canada never got swallowed to become a state in America. Tilley who was a pharmacists had to sell his store in order to pursue a political career. Almost each person who worked tirelessly to make Canada independent had another career before. These men worked hard to make sure Canada was not scooped to be a part of America.

America has been able to fight Britain and gain independence but most of the states in the north that later came to form Canada were still under their rule. When American war broke British supported the south instead of the north which angered many people. The north lacked military power and that is when America came in trying to be their rescuer.

The north was still angry at Britain for failing to provide them with necessary military support. After that war the British government was not willing to pay in order to defend them from the United States which wanted to take over the northern part. Therefore they realized the only possible way to defeat America was if the north part become an in dependent country.

Jean Charles Chapais was one of the members was a farmer and businessman who might have set his eyes on the economic benefits the country would get by being part of the alliance. Before the alliance trading was difficult and there were a lot of problems these countries were facing economically. With the alliance they realized they could trade comfortably.

Solving political issues was also a problem since there were the people involved in making decisions were not agreeing to the same ideas. There were those that spoke French while the rest spoke in English therefore making decisions was hard. The founders understood that joining forces with other colonies would help them make viable decisions putting into consideration of what matters.

In case they came to life today they would be amazed with the results. Their service to the country will be forever treasured. Darcy McGee was an Irish journalist who moved to Montreal to be part of this change. However his life did not end well since he was assassinated after being part of the revolution for about ten years but his contribution is felt up to date.

It is because of their way of seeing things differently that they realized the importance of countries working in unison. They are the planners who devised the first idea. They are still remembered as amazing figures that helped the country be formed and their commitment will forever be cherished. These gatherings still go down as the most memorable events in Canada.

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