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Spend An Hour In An Escape Room NC Companies Like To Lock You Into

By Patricia Jones

There are many things that you and your friends can do on an average night. You can go to a bar. You can spend some time enjoying dinner in a themed restaurant or even take in a dinner theater. These are all very popular for a group of friends, but another option exists that can make the friendship you have with that group stronger or break it down into its constituent parts. You can spend the better part of an hour participating in an Escape Room NC establishments offer for fun and entertainment.

There a number of these rooms in North Carolina. Each one of these many rooms will have their own themes that will be explained on the websites they have. This is the best place to find them and you will see pictures of some of the rooms, there. The many rooms will require different mindsets but they all require you to work together and have fun doing it.

One of the various themes is known as a vampire room. You enter the room and must locate all of the clues that will allow you to unlock the door before the vampire gets to you. In order to give immediacy to the situation, a vampire or sometimes a walking dead type person is chained up in the corner making sounds like it wants to get you. Every few minutes a foot or two of the chain is released so he can get closer to you.

In every room of this type you enter, you will have to find various clues to locate the ultimate clue which is the key or combination to the locked door. These could, literally, be anywhere and in or on anything. You need to decipher a puzzle you must first solve. You may find a clue hidden in a picture hanging up. It is all a learning experience.

History may play an important role in other rooms. The age of furniture, hangings and other things will lead you to find a date. This is turn will lead you to a point in that year when something happened. This something will play into some of the other items in the room meaning something else. It can get fairly complicated depending on the level of play for which you sign up.

Many corporations and even smaller companies have scheduled team building exercises around this type of activity. They find that, in order to work together, the employees find themselves depending on each other for a tense hour or so. This helps them know each other better and can translate that into a better working relationship when they get back to the office or processing line.

Many families have gotten together and done this as a fun evening. It is particularly helpful in homeschooling households because the application of some of the learning will actually save their lives, so to speak. This is a great way for any group of people to work, learn and experience something they probably had not tried before.

These rooms are fun, but they are a lot of work. They require you to place yourself in the moment. They require you to work with others and learn something about them and you. Yes, it is work and, in the rooms that are available in North Carolina, you can earn certain bragging rights. After you get out, that is.

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