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What You Need To Know About Screen Printing Denver

By Christine Green

Labeling a fabric using letters or putting a logo or design is challenging if you opt to use ink. This task can be messy on your garments and the most ideal way is Screen Printing Denver. If you want beautiful logos, designs or images it offers the best solution.

The method of screen printing is a form of printing whereby the ink is directly applied to the substrate. Usually, the image meant to be printed is transferred onto a screen photographically. However, the non-printing section is set apart. The ink is then pushed via a stencil so as to place a specific design on the material being printed. Typically, the serigraphy methods require ink, a squeegee and screen.

Previously, the serigraphy method was applied to decorate clothes and walls. However, later on, it became famous as a type of advertisement. Gradually, it evolved and different devices have been created to adapt to industrial serigraphy where mass goods are manufactured.

Currently, screens are applied to print in the case whereby mesh stencils operate as screens. So that each color is printed, inks are pushed via a stencil, one a color at time onto the fabric. In order to cure the ink, large driers are passed over each cloth. The customer brings the design but ultimately, the producers have professional artists who can combine the images onto a paper if necessary. To produce quality work, your artwork ought to be of high quality as well. The artwork needs to be of vector format and be sized to match the print size.

All artwork can be put on any fabric using serigraphy as it is more versatile as compared to ancient methods, since both manual and automated versions are used. Today, serigraphy is done in professional basis by manufacturers, designers, and also as a hobby by artists. All materials can be printed using different inks, and this has made it useful in thick film technology, fabric industries, sign board and display, product label, pinball machines balloons snowboard graphics and printed electronics .

Practically this process is conducted automatically and manually. If the process is being done manually two workers have to be present, one person employs the squeegee while the other supports the screen. The automatic screens are more effective and varying designs can be put. Screens that are rotary are ideal for production that is continuing and the prints can dry faster. The method being used does not affect the end product largely and some clients believe that manual processes are more accurate.

Prints from serigraphy are colorful and other printing methods cannot produce similar results. The end print has thick color because the technique allows usage of a higher amount of ink. This method is not comparable to any other technique. The prints can be put on any flat surface.

Whatever method you utilize in this procedure, the final outcomes should not vary and the results are durable. It is suitable for large orders because more clothes can printed in mass and at a cheaper expense within Denver CO

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