lundi 12 juin 2017

Ways In Preparing For Joining Dance Competitions

By Raymond Morgan

Dancing usually starts as a hobby for people and when they gradually become more passionate with it, they want it to be their profession. Most of them starts at a young age and attends workshops and lessons for a particular kind of dance. This would help them become more skilled in their performance and helps them gain confidence in their abilities.

Competing with other dancers is also a part of this and it can be done either individually or in a group which depends on the event. A lot of dance competitions in New Jersey are available for you to join in trying to be among the best ones. Here are some important tips in preparing yourself together with your teammates in the coming contest.

Joining these competitions will let you experience the different types of emotions which a person could feel aside from being a physically exhausting activity. Emotional and mental preparation is needed due to these things. You might feel happy in competing, disappointed when making mistakes, nervous before the routine and even during and after it and either sadness or joy depending on the result.

Remember to take your time, think straight and keep your chill during the preparation before your turn to dance. Before going to the venue, check if you have everything you need including every piece of costume and accessories. This would help you relax knowing that you have not forgotten anything you must wear which might give additional stress if you forgot them.

Determine your method of spending the time before you dance because different methods are used by each dancer when handling nervousness. Some might calmly and silently meditate in relaxing their mind and keeping their thoughts positive by pushing away the negative. Others review the routine repeatedly and get themselves excited while others just talk casually with others.

Find out the way your teammates handle their nervousness because they may not be the same with yours. Stay away from those who meditate for mind relaxation if you like getting yourself excited. Do not forget your warm up exercises and let everyone in the team perform them because this helps in getting your body prepared in dancing on stage.

When walking towards your position on the stage, do it confidently and acknowledge the presence of the judges respectfully. Take deep breathes to relax and calm yourself and get all the oxygen you can which is very important. Remember that even though the judges are there to score your routine, they also want to be entertained.

When the performance starts, keep your mind in the routine and avoid rushing the steps. Do not get distracted because it can cause mistakes to happen so focus on your choreography. Use all your body parts in executing a routine and that includes your face and transfer your energy and love of dancing to them.

Keep smiling when leaving the stage even when you performed badly or greatly with the dance. Congratulate teammates for the performance which you practiced for a number of days and be grateful for the chance to compete. Accept the results and start preparing for the next competition.

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