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An Outline Of Performing Arts Competitions In Michigan

By Mary Hayes

Art comes in two critical forms namely, Visual and performing arts. When it comes to visual, material works like drawings, sculptures, photography, and architecture are exhibited in both public and private areas linked to art. Performance art, unlike the above, usually involves action. It cannot be displayed as a solid material; it uses human nature that is actual body parts and voice to perform. Examples include plays, songs, spoken word, ventriloquism and other forms of art that require a presentation to a live audience. Different administrations support their culture and works of art by helping set up art institutes, establishments, and foundations within their margins. A synopsis of Performing Arts Competitions in Michigan is given below.

For every function to kick off, money has to be used. In America, the government funds its states cultural competitions. In Michigan, this is done through a council set aside for matters concerning the culture and arts. This money steers the initial plans. Other companies and groups decide to support this function by keying in money and pledges.

The committee involved in the organization of the events then registers those participating in the competition. Both members and participants. They are usually according to the age that is the seniors and juniors. This step takes place in particular institutions like schools and art is usually an important measure since it facilitates identification of each group.

Programs for the occasion are then prepared. They include a description of the time line to be followed during the actual event. Rules are also part of the plan, and members are expected to follow them to the latter. The programs are then dispersed to all the participants present. Such is done to ensure all the stages indicated are taken into account.

In the competitions, some judges agree and decide on the outcome of the performance. These are usually experts who are either retired or known art performers or people who have acquired vast experience in overseeing and deciding on results of various contests. There are three or more judges to avoid bias.

They say if one has to win in an art contest, then they have to rather think like a judge. This means showing what is expected with the highest level of inventiveness. The participants who impress both the audience and the judges are voted for as the best, and the rest lose. Those that lose are considered to have all performed hence discontinued.

Also, a rating system is used when deciding who has won in the contest. This method is carried out according to some parameters like the age of participants and the kind of art being exhibited. When it comes to age, there are both juniors and seniors. In the case of the category of art, there are dances, circus, spoken word presentation, and painting.

Obviously, good performance can never go unrewarded. Therefore, the finest actors or artists are usually bestowed with prizes as assured in the beginning. To inspire a competition; there are usually gifts given to the entertainers. In most cases, they are awarded certificates and sponsorship plus other prizes.

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