lundi 14 août 2017

Tips On Mastering Your Voice Over Skills

By Maria Green

It is by voicing over an animation or video that it comes to life. The delivery of a voice over determines whether the goal will be achieved or not. A polished talent will deliver the best quality and enable your video or audio to capture the attention of listeners or viewers. The field is highly competitive and only the best talent can win. Here are tips on polishing your vocal talent.

Preview the script. Like any other skill, practice makes perfect. You might be tempted to do your rehearsals by heart. This will not allow you to capture the pronunciations, punctuation and intonations correctly. With the actual script, you can mark the areas that need emphasis so that the message can be delivered as desired. Once you build familiarity with your script, it will be easier to stress and emphasize marked areas.

Words on commercials and videos have different meanings depending on context. There are two distinct elements that must be brought out well in any script. The grammar part that includes the tongue twisters, diction, breathing and pronunciation, and the element that gives unique life to these words. It is the expressions that determine the meaning to be communicated. Certain emotions like anger, disgust, anxiety, passion, happiness, love, contentment, etc can only be expressed through deliberate awareness.

The intentions of each script need to be communicated because they determine the interpretation it is given. Preview any script and attempt to understand these intentions. They include seduction, begging, encouragement, challenge, etc. The reason a script writer invokes anger or passion, etc needs to be communicated through proper interpretation.

Warming up will help a great deal. It is impossible to produce the best voice without warming up. Warm up is done on both the voice and the body. Being in the perfect frame of mind aids in capturing the essence of your script. Stretching exercises and breathing will leave you at ease and ready for the script. Roll the head clockwise and anti-clockwise in alternate motions. Facial muscles should also be stretched to enable you capture the required expression. A coach will help you prepare your vocals and general body.

The best way to sharpen your skills is by criticizing yourself. You understand your potential better and can honestly judge whether you performed well or not. Record your voice and listen to it severally. There are software on mobile gadgets that will help you record and review the performance. Where resources are available, you can install a mini studio in the house. This enables you to practice and thus be ready any time a project comes up.

Sight reading will give you an edge. It is not in all projects that the script is a few words or paragraphs that you can memorize. Some projects like an audio book involve a lengthy script. It will be impossible to memorize the entire book. You therefore need to learn how to deliver it instantly through sight reading.

There are excellent natural voice talents available in the market that only require direction. A professional coach will enable you hit your potential. You also need intense practice to improve on your delivery. Warm up and review the script to enable you breathe life into the words.

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