jeudi 3 août 2017

What Psychologists Say About Play Therapy

By George Cooper

It is common for a play therapist to find out that the child is depressed or anxious. Many parents won't dream that their child is suffering from these types of issues. They will probably relate depression and anxiety to that of something that adults go through. Parents may think that their kids are perfectly happy. They may seem to think it is a phase. However, it is often a lot more serious than this. There is no doubt, play therapy has definitely become more and more effective over the years. Many children have benefited from this approach.

Psychologists will often refer parents to someone like this. It is more of a natural approach for the child and they will actually look forward to coming to the sessions and over time they will begin to connect with the therapist. Psychologists find that younger kids especially will progress with these sessions and improve over time. A teenager would be better suited to a one on one sessions where they need to be more verbal.

Part of the reasons why children enjoy this type of therapy is that they are able to have complete freedom. They get to choose what to do every session. They can either get involved in imaginary play, using props and pretending to be someone else. They can also relax with a puzzle or a game. They may decide to play with their favorite toy. This is what draws them back every time. It also means that they are in control. This is unlike a child psychologist who is in control of the situation. It would be natural for a youngster to feel intimidated in a situation like this.

Psychologists believe that this is a more effective way in which a child learns to trust someone. They will connect with this person in their own time, doing the things that they love to do. The therapist will analyze kids as they begin to play. There are emotions and behavioral patterns that are revealed during this time. They may become angry, frustrated, fearful or anxious.

Socially, they will also improve, because the therapist is naturally known to be so encouraging. Their self esteem and level of confidence will take off over time. This is why it is important for parents not to say that they simply have a child who is shy. It can be something a lot deeper than this.

Kids are very honest in this way. They will express what is on their heart by being creative. Therapists can tell more by the time it takes to complete the drawing, the colors they use, the expressions on the faces of people and the style of the drawing.

Children realize that they are in a safe environment during these sessions. This increases further trust between them and the therapist. They will learn more about practical skills, such as how to manage their emotions. This can come with time so parents will need to be patience. It is also important that they don't interfere with the process.

A therapist will need to set strict boundaries. Parents also need to know that they can't act as the the therapist in the home environment.

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