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Choose Tape In Extensions For Fast Styles

By Maria Turner

Choosing a hairstyle is not always easy, unless one has the ability to style and color hair as often as they please. Even if one is a trained professional, there are times when a dream style does not work with a facial structure or it just will not come together as desired. The good news is that hair weaves, particularly tape in extensions, have come a long way and people cannot get enough.

This method of adding hair is a great improvement over time consuming techniques of the past. Back in the day, it was standard to spend a few hours at a salon. Getting the hair installed and styled was a labor intensive process but necessary to ensure it would last for a few weeks. While shortcuts were available, these were normally temporary solutions.

The hair choices have also improved, as there are more than just standard colors to choose from. Textures are varied, allowing the wearer to go from straight to curly to wavy without dealing with heat or chemicals. Colors range from just about every shade of the rainbow, including the new creamy pastel colors.

This method is also easy to remove from the natural mane when it is time for a change. While most applications can last for several weeks, it takes only precision to remove the extension tape carefully. Although a nonprofessional may use any oil based remover, this is best done by an expert. They can take time to examine the strands to ensure there is no damage.

Many of the celebrities are wearing these as a way to preserve their own hair. Those who are often on stage are subjected to harsh lighting, constant movement from dancing or moving at a fast pace. Anyone who does this with their own hair knows that styles fall flat with even a small amount of perspiration. Though some wigs are believable and move like real hair, the tape method allows the scalp to breathe.

While adding hair, or changing it, can be exciting, it also calls for maintenance. People who wear any type of weave have the double duty of caring for their own hair and the newly applied mane. Those with naturally curly tresses may find that a new type of conditioner may be needed since oil tends to separate most bonding methods. There are some products on the market made especially made for diverse hair types that will not affect the weave.

Another advantage to wearing weaves is that people can grow their short hair long with just a little care. The best method may be to use a leave in conditioner after every shampoo, followed by a light moisturizer on the scalp. If this is a hair goal, one should consult an expert on how to transition without drying the hair or causing breakage.

More people are turning to these for a number of reasons. Some operators do not charge as much as the traditional methods, which entails a lot of steps. Wearers like the fact that these are not bulky and they can have a new style in less than an hour, in most cases. Although it is an innovative bonding process, it can withstand a lot in terms of styling or athletic activity.

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