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How To Use Alcohol Ink, Beginners Guide

By Susan Wood

Painting can clear your mind, it is an art where in you will be able to express your thoughts and emotions. It is one way of releasing the negativity that you are feeling. A new product for painting is quite popular on the internet right now, it is called alcohol ink. It is a kind of ink that can only be used on smooth surfaces.

Many are intrigued by this new product. For all the beginners out there, this article will be able to help you on how to use alcohol ink. For artist who have not tried anything new yet, this is the perfect product that you need to exalt the creativity in you.

A little drop of ink could go a long way since its very pigmented. And, if you are wondering about the cost, its really affordable so for those who are in a tight budget, this will definitely make the cut. But if you do not want to buy one, just create some.

Now for those of you that would just like to create one, the materials that you will need is an isopropyl alcohol which is pretty cheap, colored markers, and a bottle. Simply put the alcohol on the bottle, then transfer the ink of the colored marker by soaking it on the bottle. Let it sit for a couple of hours before using or you can leave it overnight for a better result.

The most recommended canvas for this is glass, any glass can do. But you can use any canvas that you like as long as its smooth. For paper, yupo is the most recommended one since its white and the outcome with it is pretty good. The reason why you have to use a smooth canvas is, due to the alcohol present, when the ink touches a porous item, the product will dry out fast and the colors fade.

When it comes to what colors to use, there is no limit to that. Let your imagination work and get out of your comfort zone. Mix different color hues. Combine at least two colors, excluding white and black.

Types of painting tools would also create different effects. The good thing about these alcohol inks is that various tools can be use. You may use a paintbrush, a water brush, an airbrush, and a piece of cloth. Anything can be used to create effects that might interest you.

To be able to create waves, use a stick or a pencil. Put some ink on the brush then position it above the canvas. Tap the brush to the stick so that speckle of inks will fall to the canvas. This technique can be incorporated in creating a sparkle of stars effect. Create paintings that would describe your personality.

When you want to fix an error or you want to remove excess inks, a wet tissue is the solution, dab it to the canvas slowly. To dry the canvas faster, blow drier is the tool. You can also make use of a blow dry to spread some inks all over. Play with colors and do not limit yourself to other possible outcomes that can be make. There are no rules in art. Every painting that is created is a master piece. Most importantly, make sure that you are enjoying when making these.

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