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The Roots Of Womens Sports And Womens Sportswear

By Amanda Brooks

Human beings have always been very competitive with each other. Like how wild animals compete to survive and get the needed food to live on, humans do this as well. There are many things that people do in live on, but in the recent centuries, competitions became more common among different cultures that allowed it.

Thus, men and women have come up of many different ways to compete with one another in hopes of proving a sense of superiority. Historically, lots of different events were done with this singular purpose in mind. The main form of competition in modern times is sports and many women with UNC Charlotte womens sportswear participates in different forms to win and become the champion of it all.

The original purpose of sporting was to train the soldiers. When one is recruited to be a part of the army in the time of ancients, they are required to compete and perform to prove that they can be relied on when the time of battle comes. This was the same for women that choose to join the army, as they are required to participate like everyone else.

The other kind of it was the team games. This was purposed and had the same intentions of that the first one. It allowed the commanders to see what the squads were capable of. The development of team work is a very serious and important thing. Many of these activities held mock battles for teams to test the ability they had in battle.

Unlike the modern sporting events of today, the ancient world had different rules and customs to their events. In Sparta, women were shown to actively compete with their male counterparts in the various events that have held, like hunting and wresting. This proved how tough and strong the Spartan women were compared to their contemporaries.

Over there Athens though, the Greeks had an event that would last until the modern age. This event was called the Olympics and it has been around for at least thousands of thousands of years. It is a traditional sports meet that is done to appease the Olympians, the Greek pantheon. Many could participate in this event, even women.

When the Romans had taken over the Greeks, they also adapted the culture that the Greeks had with them. In contrast to others, females were not directly allowed to participate in games and sporting events. The most famous of Roman sporting events that took place at the coliseum were chariot races.

The modern way of sports has eased over. Many now play in order to relax and have some fun with the people they like or have some competition with some friends. But it is mostly done to keep in shape and be fit.

The progresses have given hope to many. Since the action is very enjoyable and a great way to stay fit, many man and women seek to further improve them using sports as a way to do this. The equal in this field has come a long way, but it is a welcome one.

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