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Top Tips For Picking A Canadian School Of Dance Ottawa For Your Young Performer

By Stephanie Phillips

If you have a child who loves moving to music you may be thinking about enrolling them in dance. It can be a fantastic way for them to get exercise as well as learn discipline and other valuable skills. It is important to pick the right Canadian school of dance Ottawa, however. Taking your time to decide and considering the following factors will help you narrow down your choices and pick the program that meets you child's needs as closely as possible.

While you want to make sure that your children have fun when they are learning you will also want to make sure they are safe. Ensuring that any dance teacher has the proper training and knows how to teach your children in a way that reduces any chance of injury. If your child wants to take a class such as acrodance where the students are performing acrobatic tricks you can see why this is such an important thing to think about.

If you are the parent of a very young child who would like to learn how to dance you might want to think about a creative movement class or one that may teach some steps but also involves play or other fun activities. This will help keep a child entertained and interested at a time when they may not be ready for a more structured style of class.

A slightly older child may do better with more formalized instruction. If they have never taken dance classes before an introductory or beginner's series of classes may be a good idea. Look for classes that feature children that are close to your own child's age. This may make it more fun for them and may make it easier for them to form friendships in dance class.

You should think about whether you want your child to focus on one style of dance or if you think that they would have more fun learning several different styles. If you do want your son or daughter to learn a number of different dance styles, choosing a school that offers those classes is a good idea. They will be more understanding if there is a course conflict and that way you are not trying to balance several different schedules.

Whether or not a school has a competitive team is something you may want to think about. Even if they do not allow very young children to take part in the many competitions that run in the Ottawa area, a school with a competitive team will give your child something to aspire to and will often allow younger students to come and watch even if they are not going on stage.

If you are trying to find a school of dance for your child you may find it easier if you start your search in the spring or summer. You can look online and see lists of the classes that they offer. If there are some that interest you or your child you can then contact the school itself and speak with the teachers or someone who runs the school. Then, when it is time for your child to start classes (which usually start in the fall) you will know which one you want your child to go to.

If your child has a good experience at a dance school it may just be the start of a long and beautiful relationship with this art form. Be encouraging, choose the right instructor and you may just find that you have a rising star on your hands.

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