dimanche 4 février 2018

Independent Music Awards And Music Video Submission

By Christopher Allen

Whether desiring to enter a contest, or simply desiring to share with family and friends, a number of artists are now putting work online. Now that anyone can provide a music video submission to a number of websites, it is easier than ever before for artists to get noticed. One way independent artists and bands can be sure this is the case, is by submitting work to the 9th annual Independent Music Awards.

In most cases, the best of the best will not only be nominated for an award but will most likely get attention of promoters. For, whether or not an artist wins an award, there are many who gain the attention of studios and promoters. With work being put before judges ranging from Tom Waits and Aimee Man to Zooey Deschanel and Pete Wentz, these and other notable musicians will no doubt be taking notice.

With all the current clutter on the Internet and airwaves, it can often be difficult to get the undivided attention of studios and promoters. As this is the case, there are now independent labels and artists around the world who submit entries to the IMA annually. It is essential that that individuals review work for quality sound, picture and video before submitting to the IMA. In addition, those submitting design work also need to assure clarity in pictures and spelling with regards to album titles, song titles, lyrics and names of bands and band members.

IMA provides awards in a wide category of genres and styles. In addition, there are also design categories with regards to label design and promotion. For the first time, the 9th IMA program will allow for long form videos featuring multiple songs.

Some individuals may only want to submit work to be viewed and shared without entering a contest. When this is the case, using sites such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Internet Archive, BET and other related sites are often the best option. Whereas, those looking to enter contests can often find listings for ongoing contests by doing an online search using the term music and video contests.

Earning an IMA can often assist artists in building a successful career. For, the organization promotes winners and nominees to over fifty million fans on an annual basis. In addition, work by these artists are often submitted to online broadcast media, industry gatekeepers, talent buyers, programmers and music supervisors.

Promoters, The Planetary Group and HIP Video Promo, also work to assist artists in becoming more well known. For, each of these groups has access to performance opportunities, distribution and promotion. As such, those submitting work often have a better chance of building a fan base while possibly gaining support when it comes to booking shows and working in a studio.

With over 50 different categories in which artists can submit work, the IMA has often been a favorite among artists and fans. For, self-identified talent, independent record labels and even bands with a political message can enter various categories. Some of these include, Live Album, Social Action Song, Eclectic Album, Merchandise Packaging, Gig Poster, Concept Album, Video Albums, Love Song and Cover Song.

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