mardi 6 mars 2018

How To Prepare For A Successful Art Exhibit

By John Barnes

Preparing for your art exhibit can be challenging and tough but definitely fulfilling once successful. The entire preparation depends on the venue and the contract with the gallery owners. The tips discussed will assume that you have done the tasks already by yourself. If you are still in the process of doing it then read on.

First point is looking for the right place where you can display all your works of art. Do it with the target date and to be fully prepared for it, you may also attend some classes like alcohol ink classes. This will help you prepare more and have some ideas on what to have. Certain adjustments can also be implemented.

You need to also decide for the best painting that will be displayed for the show. It must have a title according to the theme that you will apply. Make sure that all paintings are fully prepared and make sure it is possible to be achieved. Check the quality of it to meet the overall qualifications and standards you have set.

Take high quality photographs of those artworks including some close up shots. Be sure to optimize those photos will be uploaded online and print too. For newspapers and magazines, one needs to use good quality or resolution photographs. For online media, a smaller size photo can be used but the quality must be high all the time.

Never forget to also add some details on the paintings. Have a sheet as your copy that contains the additional details available like the artist, year, size, medium and so on. All information have to be described well and to ensure that all details are true. You need to also have a certification that all copies of it are yours.

The opening should be special as well and to do it, there can be the presence of a musician or art lecturer that can do the opening by discussing about the pieces. To get more people to attend the event, you have to send the invitation months or weeks ahead to get rid of rushing.

A lecturer must be briefed before he can have the floor for discussion. Weeks or days before the event, send out press releases and invite some people especially the media to cover it. You can also have a social media campaign for it by posting those artworks online and other possible actions.

Send those cards which are made earlier to remind them all the time and for them not to forget it as well. As part of heightened publicity, be sure to post the photos that you have taken on your social media pages and other channels. Welcome them and make them feel at home while staying in the venue for it.

After doing all the proper actions, always be grateful by saying thank you. At then end of the day, it will not be successful without their cooperation as well as help. Be sure to upload photos of them with your works and say thank you. You can do it by tagging or mentioning them so they will be notified about your message.

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