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Types Of Realistic Oil Painting Method

By Edward Wilson

There are many ways in which you can apply colors on the surfaces. These lubricate coating techniques are many and also different. Thick lubricant coat in butter like form can be added with the palette knife while transparent glazing coat can be done with the thin coat. Lubricate coating can be used by the artist to translate into a picture that makes him feel effective. The following are some of the realistic oil painting techniques.

The first method to coat a surface using a lubricant is by using a dry brush. Make use of a brush that is bristle and has to be dry. The reason why it should be dry is to be able to take a small quantity of the color from the tube which is containing, followed by applying it lightly on the coating surface that is evenly distributed.

Basic toning surface coating is the next method. When this technique is applied, it gives the wall a look warm. Some surfaces are very bright even after they have been tinted they will still give the bright appearance similar to the natural appearance. You can simply avoid this by using the basic toning method.

Basic toning comes along with very many different colors. This is an advantage to the owner because he is capable of selecting a color that he thinks is best for him. Since basic toning helps the wall to look brighter, the varieties of colors that are used are also brighter for instance yellow, light orange, red and many more.

Alla prima method is another lubricant coating technique. It involves being able to finish a complete coating at a session that is single. One of the famous artists by the name Bob Ross came about by this method. This great person made the coating popular after he made is possible to be shown on the television. It was a quick kind of coating because he only did it with one and a half hour.

Coating knives is another technique that can be applied. It is possible to apply a coat on the surface using a coating knife. Any person who has not tried this method of lubricant coating using this special knife it is important that you give it a trial. This is a very easy technique since the same technique used to apply bread a blue band is the same technique.

Just as it is indicated above, this kind of coating is not to be done with thin coats. It requires thick coats for it to function properly. If you want a thick coat it should be thick like that one of butter. You might be thinking the type of knife used is very similar to the regular kitchen knife that we know. The answer is no. A special knife referred to as coating knife is used.

The last known technique is the glazing technique. This is a special method of applying layers of coat that are translucent. This kind of coating gives the surface that is coated a rich and a look that is realistic. This type of lubricant coating technique, the colors contained is not blended before painting is done. The colors are formed by applying transparent colors on the top of the other. This type of technology gives both a luminescent sheen and a natural look results

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