mardi 6 mars 2018

Reasons Why People Do Not Prefer Going To EDM Concerts

By Deborah Murphy

Nowadays, the music industry has progressed forward in many ways that excites aficionados and artists for the innovations the future holds, but has also been set back in a number of musical atrocities as well. Nevertheless, genres and communities are made because a crowd of people enjoy listening and making it for their own pleasure. Due to this, the celebration and way of listening to these new genres vary immensely, along with the way its artists perform them on stage to their fans and listeners.

One genre that has touched a more youthful demographic is that of electronic dance music and in other cultures may also be referred to as club songs or dance. Often times, these are played by disc jockeys who sample other works and use a basic or extensive amount of percussive instruments or digital programs and are played in places like night clubs, rave parties, and festivals. However, the industry has become highly saturated and its quality has diminished with each new trend that comes along. Following this trail of thought, the following paragraphs will relay the top reasons why people do not prefer going to EDM concerts Miami.

Perhaps the biggest reason why folks feel discouraged to join these events is its heavy association with recreational drug use. It is not a well kept secret that most goers are men and women that engage by selling, using, or doing both these things with methamphetamine. More commonly known as ecstasy and molly, it has been associated with the scene for its properties that according to its users, enhances the sound and completes the entire experience.

When advertised, it includes big names and trendsetters within the industry in its headline. However, most organizers throw in these big names but play a lot of unheard of local talent that people did not pay to watch. These are done in between the big names to avoid losing the crowd and to keep them from leaving. Due to this, one cannot be guaranteed that the persons performing are actually any good or not.

Following this trail of thought, it further questions the legitimacy of whether these artists actually have any talent or not. Relatively speaking, creating their songs are easy and even a kid with the basic equipment or similar software installed on their computers can easily recreate their beats and output. With so many disc jockeys using the same formula with their songs, it dismantles any credibility for being a musical genre because it rarely shows originality, real talent, or a profoundness in it, which are all elements that long time classics and iconic works all possess.

Apart from that, these events are generally overpriced and the amount is often not worth the experience gathered from it. It contains stalls with overpriced merchandise, food, souvenirs, beverages, and other knick knacks that are not of high quality. Everything is commercialized and is filled to the brim with taxes, making it a costly event that will make the concert goers leave with barely enough in their wallets after spending time there.

The crowd leaves something to be desired as well, especially considering that most of it are comprised of high school kids and other younger teenagers. While the age requirement is eighteen and above, kids continue to defy these rules and go anyway, even though it becomes painstakingly obvious to the older goers and event organizers of their age. There is a reason why eighteen is the required minimum age and allowing these folks in for the sake of profit is another reason why its quality has significantly taken a toll.

Apart from the usage of recreational drugs, alcoholic beverages are available too. This means there will be a plethora of drunken men and women that no longer have the capacity to get up or go to the bathroom in their own. Whenever drinks and over indulgence occurs, it most likely leads to disaster, including vomit or spilled drinks and crowds breaking out in fights over petty things and arguments.

Apart from this, the fashion is horrible with the excuse of goers as simply a reason to wear something they would not normally wear on an ordinary day. If that was the reasoning behind their though process, it should be noted that there exists a reason why they do not go around donning it normally. The results are trashy articles of clothing that do not even fit properly, which distracts others and not with good reason too.

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