dimanche 11 mars 2018

Ways Of Preparing For Dance Competitions

By Mark Burns

Dancing has been a major social activity since memorial. It was carried out during various ceremonies in the society. Nowadays, it is used in the music industry and movie production. People are participating in Dance Competitions for various reasons such as for fame, money or leisure. It is not an easy thing that someone can go to if they have not prepared themselves adequately. The following are the ways to prepare for it.

Consider practicing and learning to get the skills that you would employ on the performance period. If you have to employ a tutor, then, do so because it will be a great opportunity for you to learn and get the best techniques that would enable you to compete favorably. Therefore, find an experienced trainer that has good record and reputation. Make sure all the teachings are put into practice.

As you rehearse and train, ensure the dancing that is expected is the one you are practicing. Since they are of different types, find out which one is required for that particular day. You might be rehearsing a wrong one, and if that happens, you might not get any points. Therefore, listen carefully to the demands and instructions that are given by the planners.

To learn more, you need to find as many clips as possible from various sites on the internet including the YouTube and watch them. Watching them would help you see how the things are done especially if you have never participated in them before. Ask the past candidates if you can access them to show you are their clips and probably guide you on what is required of you.

Never go to a competition without finding out what the judges are likely to use in awarding the mark. In this case, you need to do a thorough research and consultation. This information is found online, therefore, going online and search for the marking schemes you would manage to know a few things that are essential in getting more marks.

The competitors might be required to be in uniforms or attires of certain specifications. This would be the easiest way of identifying the candidates in the crowd that would attend. Ensure you go as per the requirement if you want to be on the safe side. Never add the styles that were never described or remove the designs that were given earlier.

It is essential to reach the venue on time. This would be the only way that can be used to eliminate all the anxiety and tension that usually make the great dancers lose. Arriving on time helps in getting familiar with the venue and hence, know how and where you could position yourself to perform. In Addition to that, you would be able to see your competitors and make corrections where possible.

In conclusion, on the day you are required to perform, ensure you show a high level of confidence. Even if it is your first time, do not show that you have never done it before. Let your facial expression and the manner in which you move the body organs show the judges that you have enough experience about it.

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