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Appreciate The Masterpieces Of Surrealist Artists MI

By Harold Murray

Mankind is always fascinated the magnificence of the surroundings. From the earth below to the skies above, it has always pondered over the grandeur of space and time. Humans are gifted with an advanced brain and other faculties that make it conscious of ongoing events. What the eyes see as beauty is replicated in paintings and sculptures. Homes are adorned with vibrant pieces. Add ambience to our homes by employing surrealist artists MI.

Etchings on the insides of crevices dating back to the early existence of man show the figures represented by stick forms. These were early attempts of man to express what was seen and replicated by means of figures and symbols. Succeeding forebears added plant juices were pasted over to give color to the stick figures.

Craftsmanship requires skill. The ability to manipulate an object to individual desire is not a talent possessed by all. There are just humans who are gifted at it. The facile way of finding expression in objects rather than in words is by painting. This common artifact is a resident in most homes. Great pieces of this genre boomed at the renaissance period.

It was also during this era that masters of stone craft flourished. Marble was the favorite stone that sculptors used as material. It is a very solid object and is difficult to carve but the finished product is no doubt a marvel to behold. Statues of various sizes are used to decorate great tombs of wealthy families of that era.

Other channels of expression realizations came in the form of architecture which incidentally also happened at around the same time. This is the era when great cathedrals and administration buildings were erected. Great strides in engineering sciences made leaps and bounds during these times leading to the invention of various scientific instruments.

The main commonality between past arts and present is the propensity to use nature and objects of nature as the main subject that is to be expressed. It has always been landscapes and people. Sculpture often depicted man and beasts like the lion and horse. Surrealism only emerged during the first century half and strayed far away from conventional methods in that it expressed the thoughts no matter how wild, of artists.

Artworks are priceless and as such are very expensive. Only millionaires and billionaires can afford classical masterpieces produced the great renaissance masters. Government and private museums house some expensive items of historical significance. Gravediggers who loot graves sell what they get illegal markets. Some turn out to be very valuable than the price it commanded at the time it was found.

Varying types of surfaces can serve as catalysts for paint impresarios. It can be rough or smooth, flat or grated as long as paint will stick to it, it will not be problem. Steel and iron works have become alternative materials as marble is becoming scarce. This is also because of the qualities of steel that make it malleable.

Spacious houses like mansions often have wide empty walls that are a favorite of genre practitioners. It is a perfect surface where an artist can put into reality what is in the mind of a patron. It will beautify the place and add to the ambience in combination with illuminating devices. One form of surrealist impressionism are the ones seen in city streets and are often ridiculed as vandalism. This called grunge graffiti.

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