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Searching For Bay Area Elvis Singing Telegrams

By Jose Ellis

When friends or loved ones are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion you may decide to send them a gift. A popular alternative to the giving of traditional gifts is to arrange for a singing telegram to be delivered. If you are looking for bay area Elvis singing telegrams it is useful to look at all of the options that are available to you before you make a booking.

A singing telegram is a fantastic way to brighten up a persons day when they are celebrating a landmark day in life or a special occasion. An Elvis singing telegram will arrive at the specified venue in some type of costume and perform a number that you have asked for. The artist is also able to deliver personalized greeting or short message that you want to give.

Using an Elvis Presley act to deliver your message is a good choice due to the fact that the king of rock and roll sang many styles of music. Throughout his career he performed rock and roll, love songs, gospel music and ballads. There should be a song to suit most tastes and occasions when you plan to make a booking. Some of the stage outfits he wore were spectacular and particularly eye catching making them a good choice for special events.

There are a few different ways to locate an Elvis impersonator that will perform a song and deliver a greeting. The net is a useful place to locate an artist and many singers now advertise on the web. The net is also a good place to do a little research on the singers and will usually able to listen to some audio or view some video clips.

Some Presley impersonators also advertise in the press and contact numbers for singers are to be found in the phone book. Another way to hire a singer is to contact an artist manager or agent. The majority of agents and managers will usually have a stable of suitable singers for you to choose from.

When you have found a suitable singer you can get in touch with them to make the booking and discuss things. The singer will need some details such as the type of occasion, telegram recipients name and the address. The singer may also ask for some stories or other information so that the act can be tailored accordingly.

The price you pay to get your musical telegram delivered depends on which singer you have selected and how far they have to travel on the day. Most singers will ask for payment in advance and some will take a deposit and the balance can be paid on delivery. When you have paid the bill for the telegram it is advisable to hang on to the payment receipt and the contact details for the singer for future reference.

If you and the recipient are satisfied with the singers performance and service it is helpful to leave a comment on the artist's web page. Your comments and feedback will help others who may be planning to book the same singing telegram. Recommendation is a great way for the singers to promote their act and your comments will be welcomed by the tribute singer.

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