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Renting An Inflatable Obstaccle Course For Your Next Party

By Rebecca Collins

You have a party or a specific holiday or celebration on the horizon and are looking for interesting activities that will appeal to both adults and children. You have thought of all the usual activities such as magicians, musicians, caricature artists, and photo booths but are seeking something that will provide some physical activity. An inflatable obstacle course that that will provide hours of fun and movement may be just the perfect addition to your event.

This rental is the perfect addition to family gatherings, birthday parties, family reunions, employee parties and even for charity fundraisers. You can arrange for ticket sellers to sell tickets for each run through the course and for other activities and foods as well. Get the entire office staff and/or the entire family involved with this project!

Before you get too excited, remember, you need to have a proper place and space in which to set this structure up. A large flat, grassy area is perfect. Get the dimensions of the structure so you will know exactly what is needed. You can also inquire as to the possibility of setting it up indoors. If it can be placed indoors, a careful watch to ensure that children do not fall off the side onto hard surfaces will be required. A large carpeted room, such a ballroom would be ideal.

The biggest advantage of renting this structure is the ability to turn it into a very competitive activity. Before your event, be sure to purchase or borrow some stopwatches so you can individually time the competitors who run through the maze. Designate "helper, " who can assist. To be even more precise, make vests with numbers on them so scores can be more easily kept in each heat. If it is an employee party, have different department race against each other. If several individuals compete, you may need to have several heats and then have the winners of these heat compete against each other.

You can get really creative with the prizes for this game. Order medallions or small trophies ahead of time and make a great show of announcing the winners for first, second, and third places. Small participants would enjoy cash, candy and toy prizes.

It is very important to closely monitor any children who participate in activities on this structure. They could very easily get trampled in the rush or slip down through the sides to the floor. If you have an extremely large group tha is expected to enjoy this activity, it may be best to hire a few babysitters to keep an eye on younger participants. Or you may wish to be proactive by hiring an additional moon bounce for the little ones. It could be well worth the extra expense.

If this activity is a great success, others you may wish to consider could include a clown, ventriloquist, dunking booth, miniature merry-go-round, pony rides, a petting zoo, or even a miniature train. There are so many options to provide entertainment for your guests, both young and old.

Try using a carnival theme and organize your helper to arrange all of the activities in a logical manner. Be sure to add food, skill challenges, and plenty of music for everyone's listening pleasure. Post maps and hand out chart to show where all of the events are located for easy acess. This is a wonderful manner in which to celebrate a company, a birthday, or holidays or to raise money for a favorite charity or a recent disaster.

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