mardi 8 janvier 2019

Facts You Should Know About Fair Trade Clothing

By Gary Clark

This is a term that is used to designate the production as well as the sale of goods ethically. This is therefore a movement that was established to focus on how the employees are treated in the developing countries. This movement therefore ensures that the employees have received the share they are supposed to get. This is thus an attempt to alleviate poverty in the developing countries by promoting sustainable practices. The Fair Trade Clothing Foundation is thus comprised of people who have a passion for the environment and human rights. Below are some facts about this foundation.

Everything that you purchase has been made by a person, from the clothes to the shoes you wear. Therefore, there is always a person behind the curtains. This means that everything has a connection to the person who made it. This movement therefore considers the lives of people and focus on the wages, environment and hours of working.

The main reason that people are encouraged to buy these clothes is to support and stand up for the people that do not have resources. Supporting those who cannot speak for themselves is a good thing. This is because there are so many workers that are trapped and have nothing to do about it. For instance, some people have to work in filthy and sweaty environments with very little pay because they have no other option.

The garment industry has been found to have so many female employees. This means that the larger percentage of the workers is women. These people therefore go through lots of challenges. They work in terrible conditions that may cause accidents any time. Since this is their only means of survival, they are forced to persevere.

About ninety seven percent of these clothes are bought from overseas. This is a very good reason to buy these garments. The United States of America is among the leading consumers of these clothes. This is a good thing because the workers that make these garments get some wages in return. Hence, the workers will have something in their pockets, however little, to take care of their families.

There are so many companies that support this foundation. These companies have a passion for ethical treatment of all workers. They are thus supporting the garment industry to make sure that all the workers are treated accordingly. Hence, this foundation has managed to touch the hearts of so many people that do not like seeing people, especially workers being oppressed.

These companies therefore get the garments from overseas and sell them on a profit. Although the companies will resell the clothes on profit, the important thing is that they buy them from overseas. This is a very good way of supporting the workers that are struggling and give them a reason to live.

It is therefore imperative to buy the fair trade items because you will be supporting a life somewhere. So not support unethical companies because you have friends there. Think about the people who are struggling to feed their families and survive on very little money. By so doing, you will have touched a soul.

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