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Hiring Counsel For Resisting Arrest NJ

By Laura Cooper

When you are detained by law enforcement, you may be so caught off guard that you act out of the ordinary. Instead of complying with the orders of the officer, you might inadvertently act defiantly simply because you are nervous and afraid. Despite your wishes to obey the orders being given to you, you could instead find yourself facing additional charges on top of whatever for which you have been arrested. By hiring a criminal defense lawyer to defend you for resisting arrest NJ defendant's like you might beat the charges and be exonerated entirely.

Before you hire a lawyer, it can be helpful for you to know for what qualifications to look in potential counsel. To start, you want a lawyer who specializes in criminal defense. You do not want to hire an attorney who practices bankruptcy or personal injury law, for example. You need someone who is intimately familiar with the criminal defense codes in your state.

Likewise, you want a lawyer who has a good track record with previous clients. Lawyers are obligated to disclose to clients their win and loss records in court. You presumably want a lawyer who has won more cases than he or she has lost particularly when defending cases like yours. This record could better your chances of exonerating yourself.

After you check out the lawyer's win-loss record, you can then focus on how much your defense will cost you. When you are strapped for cash and do not have any money to retain counsel, the court legally has to provide a lawyer for you. In fact, as the officer reads you your Miranda rights, you will hear him or her say that you will have an attorney appointed for you if you cannot afford to hire one for yourself.

When cash is not an issue, however, you still may want to know what you will be paying for and how much the total case will cost you. A typical attorney will usually charge a flat retainer fee and then an hourly rate for most clients. The hourly rate can cost hundreds of dollars. The fees cover everything from copying of documents to send to court to courier services.

Prior to signing any contract for your criminal defense, you might do well to get all of the costs listed for you in writing. You will know how much you will end up paying for your defense. You also will be able to prepare accordingly for how to pay for it and whether or not you need to take out some sort of financing to fund your criminal defense case.

Most law firms also allow prospective clients to meet with attorneys to vet them during an initial free consultation. This consultation is held before the client signs the retainer contract. It usually lasts for about an hour and is used as an opportunity for clients and attorneys to get familiar with the case at hand.

You may not ever plan to be arrested for resisting arrest. However, if or when you are, you may want to retain an attorney quickly. You could find a qualified one to take your case by using these criteria in the vetting process.

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