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The Importance Of Native American Oil Paintings NM

By Michael Butler

Native Americans have been creating paints and sculptures for centuries. This is one of the first civilizations in America and thus their culture is rich in history and art. One of their most popular forms of expression is sculpture. Over the years there have been countless Native American oil paintings NM and sculptures uncovered by Archeologists.

Although there are a wide variety of different sculptures the most common are known as Fetishes. They were miniaturized carvings of animals that were believed to contain the essence of the being that it was carved to look like. Common animals that were chosen for these carvings include eagles, rabbits, wild horses, or bears. These small statues were highly revered by the Native American people. As a result, great care was taken when making and decorating them.

The artists who sculpted these small animals believed that their art should be both beautiful as well as having a purpose. They would spend a considerable amount of time ensuring that their sculptures were appropriately decorated. The artists would choose decorations from objects around them that caught their attention. Common decorations for these Fetish carvings include shells, feathers, and small stones while the rarer sculptures were covered in precious metals and gemstones.

These little animal carvings were most frequently carved from stone. The artists would yet again turn to materials that were readily available to them to carve the small statues. Many of these figures were carved from turquoise or soapstone. There were also a variety of Fetishes that were carved from marble. However, they are not as common as marble was expensive and difficult to source.

It is believed that among all of the Native tribes the Zuni tribe were responsible for some of the most significant Fetish carvings. This was a tribe who believed that each sculpture was an animal who had been transformed into stone by the god of the sun. This indicates that this tribe found real value in their art. For them, each Fetish sculpture was a link between the physical and spirit world.

One of the most unique characteristics of the Zuni tribe was their belief that each direction of the compass was represented by a different animal. The mountain lion represented the North, the East was represented by the wolf, the badger represented the South, and West was represented by the bear. Each one of these animals had a property that would benefit the person who carried their Fetish. Certain sculptures helped to keep danger away on a long journey while others helped to keep you healthy.

However, these fetishes were not the only sculptures created by this ancient civilization. The American race also chose to express their religion by creating busts from clay or carving them from wood. These busts would represent important figures in their history. Another popular form of creative expression took the form of large totem poles that were carved from the trunks of trees. These totems were a welcoming sign for the visitor as well as the ties and status of a home or village.

The history of the Native tribes is varied and their sculptures add to the diversity. Their sculptures are key to their identity as they are the link between man and the spirit world while being aesthetically pleasing.

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