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For Tattoo Company Kingston London Is Worth Visiting

By Ronald Allen

As opposed to how some people, tattoos are not an invention that happened recently. As a matter of fact, it is among the oldest forms of articles of beauty and fine arts that have ever existed. The oldest human being whose body was discovered to have tattoos was Otzi the Iceman. The remains were excavated from the Alps and it approximated to have been alive between 3370 and 3100 BC. When one needs to visit a tattoo company Kingston London offers the perfect location to visit.

The body of Otzi was determined to contain a total of 61 tattoos. The tattoos were made using carbon ink and were in the form of dots and lines. Today, the industry of tattooing has grown a lot and is estimated to be a multibillion industry in the United States. Initially, the markings were made using free hand. That made them not as meticulous as the ones that modern studios perform.

In 1891 the first electric tattoo machine was developed. The invention was done by someone named Samuel OReilly who went ahead to obtain a patent for their invention. The electric pen developed by Edison would later inspire the development of electric gun. This followed the introduction of and ink reservoir and needles by OReilly.

Few people have a good understanding of how tattoos work and what is involved in the entire process of tattooing. It is relevant to know that during the tattooing process, about 50-3000 punctures are made into the skin using the electric gun. The needles penetrate about a millimeter into the skin to reach the dermis.

Statistics in the United States indicate that more women have tattoos compared to men. Statistically, 58 percent of women have tattoos compared to only 41 percent men. However, the same statistics indicate that women are two times more likely to have their tattoos removed than their male counterparts. The most commonly acquired tattoos by women are those of hearts and angels.

There is a World Record for the most tattooed person. Paul McLaren is the holder of this record. This individual has their whole body tattooed. Some of the tattoos are placed in their mouth, ears, and eyelids. Research reveals that tattoo is the most misspelt English word. Mostly, the letter t is omitted by most people who spell it as tattoo.

For quite some years, tattooing has been illegalized in some states of the US. For instance, the process was illegal in the states of South Carolina until 2004. Until 2006 this process was still illegal in the state of Oklahoma. Also, there are countries in which it is prohibited. For instance it is prohibited in Iran, Turkey and UAE. Those found guilty of engaging in this practice are punished in different ways.

Even though it feels good to have a tattoo, research indicates that many people usually regret getting them. Even though people regretting tattoos of different images, tattoos of names are the ones people regret most about. It is regret that pushes people into trying to find options for removing the marks. At the moment, laser is the most effective method of tattoo removal with tattoos that contain black pigment being the easiest to remove.

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