dimanche 19 mai 2019

Exotic Hats In The Future, Present And The Past

By Charles Murray

There is this quote from the movie Devil Wears Prada saying that fashion is not about utility and that an accessory is merely a piece of iconography used to express individual identity. That is all. If this does not ring a bell, then you might want to watch that movie. What an individual wears is the type of fashion he or she is portraying. This includes all of the exotic hats of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Even though we have advanced, the purpose of a head piece is still to protect our heads from rays of the sun and prevent it from getting wet by sudden rain showers. But not all the time we wear these because of that purpose. Sometimes we wear them just because we feel like wearing them and that it matches with our clothes and shoes.

Something originally from a different or foreign country is called exotic. If you ever tried eating fried spiders as a snack, this is an example of an exotic food because it is not common to familiar places. Example of exotic plant is one who cannot adapt to the new environment where it was planted.

An example of an exotic top gear is the fedora. It is either American or Australian. Back in old days, businessmen in America would wear these along with their coats, blazers and ties. For Australia, we can have Indian Jones as our figure. Aside from the leather whip and boots, his signature head piece is a fedora. But some calls it the Akubra.

When you ask a child to draw a French person, they would either draw him carrying French bread or the typical clothes that they wear. The typical look is a handkerchief on the neck, long sleeved shirt with stripes as a design and the beret. The beret is that round shaped cap usually black and has a short vertical object sticking out at the center.

Let us jump to Asia and know of its type. They have the conical shaped head gear. The material is different from the fedora and beret. A traditional material like straw is what makes this piece unique other than its shape. Most of the users are farmers and those living in the rural areas.

Now instead of fashion, religion might come into play on what put on our heads. It is their practice and is a necessity in part of their clothing. These are the Hijab and the turbans, mostly worn by Muslims. As part of the religion, they treat their bodies sacredly and that is why these were invented.

These are just a few head gears out of a hundred more. We have the sombreros from Mexico, Ushanka in the northern continent like Russia, kufi worn by Africans, the Tams by dreadlocked people, the famous bowler of Charlie Chaplin, war bonnets of the Native Americans, the fez from Middle East and many more. They all have their specific purpose.

It would be a great souvenir for one to have. It is considered a great one because it can tell a story to somebody. The story that deals with culture, ethnicity and even fashion is a good way to start a conversation. And at least one has something to talk about when owning these.

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