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Exploring The Work Of A Voiceover Artist Atlanta

By Larry Harris

Whether looking to work in film, television, radio or stage, voice actors are in demand. In most cases, individuals interested in becoming a Voiceover Artist Atlanta can find more information on websites such as Voices dot com and similar sites. While most hiring agencies in Hollywood prefer individuals have professional training or experience, there are numerous opportunities around the world in which this is not the case.

While often known as an off-stage art form when it comes to acting, voiceover artists most always work behind the scene. For, most often these individuals are reading directly from a script which will be added to the production at a later date. Whereas, there are some live voiceover artist which providing services during the actual filming of a movie or television show.

Voiceover opportunities are now more plentiful than ever before in history due to new uses in the gaming and communications sector. For, there are a number of businesses and others which now used "on-hold, " messages recorded by these individuals. Whereas, the gaming industry has a huge need for individuals whom can provide this type of work whether in recording game instructions or adding a voice to characters and avatars.

Concerts, sports and other events and event centers also use this type of talent in different areas. Whereas, there are a number travel tours and destinations which used to provide live narration which are now turning to recorded narration to lower cost. As such, there are numerous areas in which individuals can now find jobs in voice acting.

Voiceover is added into existing dialogue and should not be confused with dubbing or translation often used in foreign films and television. In most cases, it is obvious when a movie has been dubbed while most foreign films have captions in different languages such as English, French or Spanish.

Narrators such as the one whom provided the sound track for Herman Melville's Moby Dick are also considered voice actors or artists. In most cases, individuals providing this type of narration are reading directly from a script to a recorded track which is added to the project at a later date. Whereas, there have been some book to film projects in which the individuals have read directly from the novel on which the film is being based.

Most voiceover artists strive to work in the area of animation. For, not only does the artist provide a voice to the characters but a personality as well. In most cases, current well known actors provide this type of voice over work. Whereas, there are often smaller projects such as short films being made for film festivals and local theaters which will use voice artists and actors without the same level of education or experience.

In the past, there was controversy related to voice actors adding a voice to characters of different races. More recently, much of the controversy has been squelched by the hiring of more diverse artists. While this is the case, if there are no voiceover artists available to voice a character of a different ethnicity, then most often those spots are filled with individuals whom are at least fluent in the native language of the country.

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