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How To Choose The Right Kids Dance Studio

By Patrick Walker

Kids dancing around the house is a normal thing for all the parents out there. However, when your child is dancing more and you can see that he or she has the talent, you might want to enroll him or her to a dance class. But when the many kids dance Northbrook class options available and together with the mood of your child, choosing the right one could hard. Below are the classes that you can choose from.

Think about the things you want the studio to have. Decide first if you want to be trained as a professional dancer or is it just for fun. Joining a class which is too difficult for you could lessen your enjoyment. For some, the only reason why they added dance classes is for them to lose weight, if that is the case, you could dislike the class easily.

Tap. Tap dance was developed in the United States. This involves wearing tap shoes. A show that has metal plates on the bottom of it. Every time a dancer moves, the metal plate will get in contact with the floor resulting it from making a tapping sound. By clicking, taping, and sliding on the floor, the dancer will act like a percussion, creating beats with just the use of their bodies.

Jazz. Jazz was heavily influenced by the music jazz. This dance showcases the skill of a person to improvise and emphasize a song. Featuring high energy and explosive moves such as fast footwork, big leaps, and quick turns. In a jazz class, the teacher will teach kids the basic moves and encourages them to try to create their own moves and ways to express themselves through dancing.

Hip hop. This was created from the hip hop culture and it features different styles. It started with popping and breaking, and it eventually emerged into a street dance style. Most of the moves that can be seen in music videos right now are considered as hip hop. Children with good rhythm has the potential to succeed in this.

Modern contemporary. Modern contemporary emerged as a rebellion to the classical ballet formal structure. This features free movements, using the entire body to execute movements. Usually, individuals has to perform in barefoot in order for them to grasp the floor. What is important here is to be able to express emotion, encouraging students to develop their own creative movements.

Lyrical. Lyrical is a fusion of jazz and ballet and it is performed using a music with lyrics. This is quicker compared to ballet, but not a fast like jazz. There is transition of moves and strong emotions has to be express like anger and love. You can find endless leaps and turns here.

Call or meet them. You need to inquire about their class schedule. Of course, their schedule should match with yours, so inquire first. Normally, there should only be 3 classes for a week. You must be able to explain to them when your child only take classes, their skill level, and the intensity level you would like them to experience.

Swing. Swing is another dance that needs a partner. Quick paced steps like swing, flip, and throwing is included in it. Partners would have to lift, spin, and flip each other in the groove of an energetic music. Try to observe what your child wants and talk to them. Since their mood can easily change, determine what type do you think will they really like and be serious to it.

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