jeudi 16 mai 2019

The Five Usual In A Pipe Organ Repair

By Kevin Scott

Count Dracula is known to be one of the classic monsters ever known by human kind. He is the lord of all living vampires. Everyone knows what vampires do and that is the need to feed on human blood. That is what they basically do as their job. Now for Count Dracula though, when he has enough of it, he has another hobby. That hobby is playing a musical instrument. But one night, he could not play it and decided to call the handyman to know more on pipe organ repair North Carolina.

Old churches usually have this instrument in the choir area. New generations might not be able to know of these anymore since they are more familiar with pianos and keyboards. This is considered to be an antique and is not produced much anymore. They have those tubes at the back and are larger compared to the grand piano.

Now the count is not very familiar with the services. So he humbles down and tries to hold off his instincts and called a handyman to come over so that he would have an idea what needed to be fixed. After his call, this service person arrives with a positive vibe, not even realizing that he is facing a monster, and does his job.

He starts off by cleaning the instrument from bottom to top. He drops to the floor and cleans the pedals, then the keyboard then all of the insides. He had to use a lot of rags to clean because of all the dust that were accumulated for how many years. Not just dust though, cob webs even but he did not kill the spiders, he just transferred them somewhere else.

But the handyman did not end there. He also stated that the alloy or tin tubes of this instrument need to be replaced. He found out that due to its delicate material, he was able to find dents and bumps that changes the sound. Other than that, an oxide layer hardened some of those tubes as well also creating rusts.

As part of his check up, he then asks how often this was played. Count Dracula smirked and told him that he would play it every day especially when he has had a scrumptious meal. Then an assumption could be that the keyboard, if not the pipes, is no longer connected to the tubes due to the constant playing and also need to be replaced.

Before the count could say anything, the handyman also tells him that the foot pedals are defected as well. These pedals are used to change the sound in different ways making a harmonious melody. To add information, he mentions they all have specific functions and have names.

Lastly, the handyman then pulled up his pants higher, stretched and began to move that instrument. The vampire stopped him and asked why. With a professional explanation, relocating the instrument could improve the quality. This was the fifth usual to the restoration process.

But after all this and it still is not properly working, maybe it is the time to upgrade, he suggests. When the word upgrade was spoken, it echoed all the way to the lair of Dracula and woke him up. He floated from his coffin, pushed Igor aside and took the handyman out of the mansion for he did not like the idea since he was more of traditional kind of monster.

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