lundi 30 juin 2014

Paintings By James Christensen

By Darren Hartley

James Christensen paintings are inspired by the world's myths, fables and tales of imagination. They add up to more than beautiful, sometimes curious looking, works of art. They look at the world as a classroom. This stems from the fact that James taught art professionally for over 20 years.

The early humorous James Christensen paintings displayed fantasy images that James thought other people will like. To his amazement, he discovered that people liked his imaginative, magical worlds as much as he did. After completing his studies, James worked as a freelance illustrator, continually working on his own painting on his free time.

James Christensen paintings are enchanting works of art, woven from dreams, hopes, fears and humor, into a fabric of everyday life. They are meant to excite the imagination and invite the viewer to become an active participant in the creative process instead of just being a bystander.

James Christensen paintings convey either a message, an inspiration or a simple laugh. James has always believed that teaching people to use their imagination helps in finding solutions to soothe the myriad stresses of everyday life.

James Christensen paintings include Waiting for the Tide. In it is featured a man standing on the shore and demanding for the tide to come in. Instead of demanding, he decides to sit back, relax, smell the seaweed and enjoy life as it is. He figures it's nice being just out so he enjoys his time by sipping a cup of tea with shots of fortitude.

There are James Christensen paintings that are love stories. A prime example of this is Twilight. It is rich in symbols representative of the close of a chapter, the twilight hour of the day, the final phase of the moon, the turning leaves on an autumn tree and the checkerboard road coming to an end. One symbolism from the painting could be interpreted as love coming in many different levels but one that is everlasting has the most important power of all.

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