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Why E-Book Cover Designers Are A Vital Part Of Your Project

By Sally Delacruz

Whether people choose to buy their books at a local book shop or on the web, they often judge these products by their covers. This happens to be one of the easiest ways to judge the contents of books. This makes it vital for you to hire the top e-book cover designers for your work. The tips that follow will help you to find the best professionals for the job.

It is important to find artists who understand your genre. These individuals will have the best ability to render a picture that is in line with your design vision. You might want to start looking by visiting the message boards and forums that are dedicated to professionals within your niche in order to start making the right connections.

Some of the best artists for your work will be individuals who have already created similar cover designs and know how digital publishing works. These individuals will be able to meet any strict deadlines that you might have. They will also be able to submit their works in the proper format.

An artist with a reputation of his or her own can even attract more attention. This professional is going to have fans of his or her own. Fans often follow artists from one project to the next and this means that they will be paying attention to your work, which will in turn help you to offload more books. This is certainly going to be beneficial if you have never sold a book before and do not have your own following.

They way in which you intend to pay this professional will play a significant role in determining who you can and cannot hire. For instance, you may not be able to offer an upfront payment, but are instead willing to provide a percentage of the monies that future sales generate. This is something that you will need to discuss with various providers in advance of contracting their services. Thus, it is a good idea to establish your budget ahead of time.

Make sure to consider the portfolios of those artists who are willing to work with your current budget. This will allow you to see evidence of their skills first hand and to learn more about their signature styles. While you might be looking at a slew of professionals who work with the same theme, their work can still look dramatically different.

Speak with different providers about what you would like to see. You should take a special interest in those artists who are willing to contribute ideas while keeping your goals in mind. Together, you can work as a team to create the ideal image for your readers and your story.

Another vital part of this process is establishing a solid contract that details what the artist will be providing, how much you will be paying and the rights that you are purchasing to the work. This ensures that there will not be legal issues concerning the cover design later down the road. Ultimately, a rock solid contract is essential for protecting both your interests and the interests of the artist that you have decided to work with.

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