mardi 17 juin 2014

Safety Vests For Visibility And Identification

By Ina Hunt

The number one concern for many occupations and volunteer work is safety. Purchasing and utilizing safety vests is a very inexpensive and effective methods of remaining injury free during the course of many types of employment and activities which may involve moving equipment or vehicles, heavy traffic or visibility issues. Buying these for personnel will also keep insurance premiums low and employees working on the job at hand.

Standards and specifications of this clothing article were put in place by the group known as the International Safety Equipment Association in June of 1999. This organization laid out the specific requirements for wearing this article for varying jobs and scenarios.

Having these articles on hand will make employees much more visible to other individuals, traffic and heavy-duty machinery. The reflecting bands will help give even more visibility during the brightest times of the day and in the evening and at night when visibility is extremely limited. These garments will also help identify individuals as being part of a distinct group. For example, PTA members who guide traffic before a meeting may wear these garments to specify that they are in charge of parking and traffic flow. A police crossing guard may use one to make him more visible to oncoming vehicles and also mark him as someone in authority.

Individuals who would appreciate having these at their disposal include airline employees, mechanics, school patrols, road workers, construction employees, security guards, warehouse staff, crowd control workers, and traffic management personnel. Many individuals also keep a vest or two in the trunk of their cars for personal reasons. They are great to have on hand if they are in a situation where they must change a flat tire on a freeway or even help direct traffic in the case of an accident.

Yellow and orange are the most common colors utilized. Red and blue articles can also be purchased for high visibility. The reflective tape which is included add substantially to the effectiveness of this garment as the person can be seen at night or in the glare of the bright sun. Adding inscriptions or logos can assist in identifying members of different groups when there is more than one organization working in the same area.

Purchase other types garments with the same features. A favorite is the tee shirt style, which eliminates the need to wear anything beneath. It provides high visibility and extra protection due to the fact that individuals can be seen much better when they are turned to the side. You can also purchase bands of the same fabric to add to bicycles, strollers, and moving equipment.

Uniform and hardware stores, as well as building supply outlets, will be able to supply businesses and individuals with these items. They can also be found online on many industrial supply websites. Choose the vest that best fits the use and the type of individuals who will be wearing it.

Just knowing that your employees or loved ones will be wearing this type of garment will give management and families peace of mind. They will be made visible to traffic, other employees or individuals who may not otherwise see them, and identify them as part of a significant group that is on a specific assignment or job.

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